Asia Spotlight 2024: Geopolitical Outlook – A Decade of Living Dangerously

Video Featured Image Asia Spotlight 2024 Geopolitical Outlook A Decade of Living Dangerously

At Asia Society Policy Institute’s Asia Spotlight 2024 conference, Kevin Rudd, Australian Ambassador to the U.S., 26th Prime Minister of Australia, and President Emeritus of Asia Society Policy Institute, discusses the past year of U.S.-China relations. Chan Heng Chee, Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore and Global Co-Chair of Asia Society, then sits down with Dino Patti Djalal, Founder, Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia and Former Indonesian Ambassador to the U.S.; Takeo Mori, former Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Japan; C. Raja Mohan, Senior Fellow, Asia Society Policy Institute; and Cui Tiankai, Former Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. The region’s experts spoke on the Taiwan elections, U.S.-China relations, and regional perspectives. (1 hr., 12 min.)

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