United Christian Cultural Association Organizes Grand Christmas Carols Nite Banquet 

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Chicago IL: United Christian Cultural Association [UCCA] hosted a grand Christmas Carols Nite Banquet brimming with sights & sounds pervaded by melodious carols, colorful dances, skit, inspiring yuletide sermonette – all that was significantly enhanced by an exceptionally prolific singer/ composer Quincy Chett who enthralled the guests with his distinct melodic compositions evoking laudatory ovation. This interfaith and inter-denominational celebration was held at the Monty’s Elegant Banquet in Bensenville, Illinois drawing over 300 guests.

United Christian Cultural Association Organizes Grand Christmas Carols Nite Banquet 2United States Congressman Hon. Raja Krishnamoorthi who was the Chief Guest of Honor heaped fine compliments on the leadership team of United Christian Cultural Association for hosting a grand Christmas celebrations. Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi highlighted the significance of Christmas and said Christmas is a time of coming together of all religions and added, we should walk humbly, do justly and love mercy in this season. Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi said while Christmas is dear to Christians, but it remains special to the people of all faiths, as Christmas is largely a set of ideals that symbolize the birth of savior Jesus Christ who is revered as the prince of peace and concluded that we should not preach sermon, but live the essence and ideals of sermon.

UCCA women’s team Havilah Maddela Devarapalli, Ujwala Neela, Saritha Pasumarthi, Persis Dadepogu, Sujata Pulikuri, Margaret Sanyogita Charles and Dr. Ramya Joshua all dressed in resplendent colors took to the stage to honor Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi and Dr. Priya Krishnamoorthi with Shawls and flower bouquets in appreciation and gratitude for his inspiring remarks and for their gracious presence.

Mr. T D Bhutia, Deputy Consul General of India offered special greetings on behalf of the office of the ConsulateUnited Christian Cultural Association Organizes Grand Christmas Carols Nite Banquet General of India and thanked UCCA team for hosting truly a spirited Christmas celebratory event.

Earlier, Dr. Heyer Paul Devarapalli welcomed the guests and outlined the mission and purpose of the United Christian Cultural Association. Dr. Heyer Paul Devarapalli emphasized that UCCA is deeply committed to advance the culture and faith of the Christian community and added UCCA has conducted several charitable mission drives including hosting Health Fair for the underserved families.  Keerthi Kumar Ravoori, Director in his remarks said Christmas is largely celebrated as a universal festival all across the world and added Christmas represents Peace, Joy and more importantly, it offers an opportunity to foster an interfaith harmony in a largely polarized world.

Rev. Dr. Peter Pereira, in his yuletide sermonette, presented the contemporary vision of Christmas and said Christmas is timeless, and the same message is still relevant today. In fact, the central story of Christmas has a lot to say about the world we live in today wherein the birth of Savior Christ gives us hope to the entire world, said Rev. Pereira.

Dr. Heyer Paul Devarpalli, Raju Pasumarthi, Emmanuel Neela, Sunil Joshua, Vasanth Charles, Keerthi Kumar Ravoori, Satish Dadepogu and Ravi Pulukuri were the principal hosts for the Christmas Banquet. Raju Pasumarthi Enoch, UCCA President, said that UCCA has been initiating innovative programs to empower the Telugu Christian community to make a difference in the lives of the people.  UCCA Vice President Emmanuel Neela outlined the vision statement of the UCCA and spelled out its future programs, which includes music festivities, cricket tournaments, and family retreats.

The event was attended by a large number of Christian families, complemented by the presence of representatives from the Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh communities including Ajeet Singh, Gladson Varghese, Nag Jaiswal, Vinesh Virani, Vibha Rajput, Shree Guruswamy, Alli Dhanraj, Chris Veteran, Babu Verma, and Khurram Syed. There was a large telugu organizational leadership presence including Madan Pamulapati, Murthy Koppaka, Srinivas Yelamchanchali, Mahesh Kakarla, Srinivas Pidikit, Srinivas Boppana from NATS; Rao Achanta, Ravi Achanta and Hema Chandra.  Media Partners Suresh Bodiwala of Asian Media USA and Prachi Jaitley, Phani Krishna of IUSA Media were present. Several local pastors & clergies attended the celebrations including Rev. David Vidysagar, Rev. Robert Saturi, Rev. Smt. Subhadra Vipparthi, Rev. Thomas Polepaka & Rev Omega.

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