Telangana Telugu Association Celebrates Women’s Day And Maha Shivratri

New York Telangana Telugu Association (NYTTA) held Maha Shivratri and Women’s Day celebration March 4, 2023, at the Hindu Temple Auditorium in Flushing, NY.

NYTTA founder Srivinas Guduru told Desi Talk that Shiv Ratri is celebrated in Telangana with fasting during the day and keeping a ‘jaagran’ at night, singing devotional songs. Shiv Ratri is also the day when the mother goddess Parvati was married to Shiva, Guduru said. “We thought it would be apt to celebrate Women’s Day offering prayers to Parvathi on Maha Shivratri,’ he said.

Attended by more than 600 devotees and special guests from New York, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut, the 8-hour long celebrations included dance and music performances by children and adults, and by visiting artists from India. A highlight of the celebration was a dinner with special Telangana items, some of which were specially brought from India, Guduru said.

Congratulating the gathering, Chief guest Dilip Chauhan, Deputy Commissioner for Trade, Investment and Innovation at the Mayor’s Office for International Affairs, said it was heartening to see that Telugu families were promoting their culture in their children in the U.S. Chauhan said the Telugu community has emphasized professional education and had been contributing to the local economy.

Founder Guduru spoke about the goals of NYTTA.  Chairman, Dr. Rajender Jinna, and President Mr. Sunil Reddy Gaddam, spoke about the upcoming events and the social work by the organization in India.

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