Ravindra Joshi Creates 3D Printed Scale Model Of Chicago Downtown

The Ganesh festival this year was like no other. A complete mind boggling 1:1600 3D printed scale model of Chicago downtown created over 9 months,  a work of art with amazing attention to detail and superb execution, done by our Ravindra Joshi was unveiled. If the breath-taking design wasn’t enough, the seamlessly integrated light fixtures weaved throughout the buildings produce a stunning visual in the night.

First, Mr. Joshi looked through Google Earth block by block. Then, he downloaded each block and with various software’s, reconstructed each block for it to be printed. On average, each block required 20+ hours of work. This model featured the Willis Tower, the tallest building in Chicago downtown, requiring 27+ hours of 3D printing. In addition, the model included other Chicago land favorites like the John Hancock building, Solder Field, and the Chicago River. This relentless work day and night through these past 9 months left all Chicagoans speechless. We all can’t wait to see the project he creates next!

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