NAMAM Excellence Awards 2023 Recognize Achievements Of Indian Americans

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The North American Malayalee Association (NAMAM) has announced the winners of the NAMAM Excellent Awards 2023 for Indian Americans who have excelled in their respective fields, who will be honored at the 2023 NAMAM Excellence Awards Gala at the Knanaya Catholic Center in New York City on December 2nd 2023. Organized under the auspices of the MBN Foundation, the annual awards recognize the achievements and contributions of Indian American community members from across North America.

Literature: Lakshmi M Nair

Lakshmi M Nair, a dynamic writer recognized by her pen name Amy Lakshmi, has been chosen to be awarded with the 2023 NAMAM Excellence Award for Literature. Her proficiency in both English and Malayalam is evident in her published short stories, articles, and translations, which have graced major Malayalam periodicals. Lakshmi’s travelogue, “Latin American Travels,” earned her the S K Pottakad Award for the Best Travelogue from FOKANA.

Karma Shresta

NAMAM Excellence Awards 2023 Recognize Achievements Of Indian Americans 2

: Anil Kumar Pillai

Anil Kumar Pillai, Commissioner of Consumer Affairs in Chicago and a former President of Kerala Hindus of North America (KHNA), is being honored with the 2023 NAMAM Karma Shresta Excellence Award. His more than four decades of service, including work at Quest Diagnostics, and continued dedication to social activities, mark him as an exemplary leader in the community.

Art & Culture: Mitrahs Group

Mitrahs Rajan and Mitrahs Shiraz, founders of Mitrahs Group will receive the 2023 NAMAM Excellence Awards for Arts and Culture. This recognition underscores their significant contributions in promoting and preserving Indian arts and culture in North America. Through Mitrahs Arts, established in 2011, they have provided a platform for talented artists, fostering creativity and innovation.

Community Service: A. K. Vijayakrishnan

  1. K. Vijayakrishnan, serving as a diplomat in the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, is the recipient of the 2023 NAMAM Community Excellence Award. His extensive 33-year career has seen him shoulder challenging responsibilities, including serving as the Community Affairs Consul at the Indian Embassy in New York since December 2019.

Medical Administration: Dr. Jacob Eapen

Dr. Jacob Eapen, a respected pediatrician and public health expert will be honored with the 2023 NAMAM Excellence Award for Medical Administration. His contributions, including serving on the State Health Care Board of California and securing a general election victory to the Board of Directors of the Washington Hospital Health Care System, showcase his dedication to healthcare leadership.

Politics: Legislator Dr. Aney Paul

Legislator Dr. Aney Paul, the first Malayalee legislator in New York State and a four-term elected official will receive the 2023 NAMAM Excellence Award for Political Leadership. Her notable achievements include initiating the Tobacco-21 Law and driving the recognition of August as the Indian Heritage month in NY State.

Young Entrepreneur: Akhil Suresh Nair

Akhil Suresh Nair, a distinguished marketing and e-commerce professional has been chosen to  receive the 2023 NAMAM Excellence Award for Young Entrepreneurship. Currently leading XENA Intelligence, Akhil has transformed the venture from a consulting firm into a thriving technology powerhouse. XENA is pioneering the industry with precise algorithms designed to scale e-commerce companies on platforms such as Amazon and Walmart.

Business: Dr. Mukund Thakar

Dr. Mukund Thakar, Founder and President of Aristacare, an esteemed Indian nursing home will be honored with the 2023 NAMAM Business Excellence Award. With over 19 years of medical experience, Dr. Thakar’s vision has led to the establishment of twelve facilities across New Jersey and New York, providing specialized rehabilitation and long-term care for elderly Indians.

Yuvadeepthi: Dr. Cilgy Abraham

Dr. Cilgy Abraham, a remarkable individual with a background in healthcare and law will be  honored with NAMAM Yuvadeepthi Excellence Award. Currently, she is serving as a research associate at Rutgers University RWJ Medical School and a law student at Georgetown University. In addition, she is actively engaged in an internship within the Executive Office of the President’s Office of Management and Budget within the White House, showcasing her commitment to multifaceted professional growth.

Visual & Social Media: Shijo Paulose

Shijo Paulose, a well-known journalist and blogger will be awarded with the 2023 NAMAM Visual and Social Media Excellence Award. With two decades of active presence in American media and captivating content on platforms like YouTube, Shijo stands out as a rare Malayali media personality with accreditation from important institutions, including the US State Department and the United Nations.

NAMAM President, Madhavan B Nair, expressed excitement about the upcoming awards night, celebrating individuals who have excelled in art, literature, science, medicine, humanitarian service, and business. Dr. Asha Menon, NAMAM President, and Paul Karukappilli, Program Coordinator and Managing Director of Kerala Times Online News Channel are pivotal figures in making this event a success. For more information, please visit

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