Meet & Greet With Dr. RS Praveen Kumar IPS (Rtd)

Chicago IL: Global NRI Forum arranged a meet and greet event for Dr. RS Praveen Kumar IPS (Rtd.) hosted by Saireddy Gongati and Bindhu Gongati on 8/26/2022 at their Gongati Residence, Palatine, IL (Chicago). The program started with the Indian national anthem, and the agenda for the meeting was for Dr. Praveen Kumar to share his vision and take suggestions and Q&A from NRIs.

Dr. RS Praveen Kumar has served in Indian Police Service (IPS) for 17 years, and for 9 years, he chose to be a Secretary for Social Welfare Schools for AP and Telangana states.

Dr. RS Praveen Kumar shared his experiences, and he visited Dubai, where people live like slaves as they drop out of their education. At the same time, in the USA, people live perfect lives because of a good education. People who came to the USA from social welfare schools have a good life, and he promised: “I would bring at least 1 lac students from poor and underprivileged families to the USA in the future.”

He also mentioned Telangana state is in the #2 position from the top in liquor consumption. The government opened belt shops in every village, and liquor became so cheap and easy access to buy on every corner that young people became drunkards. The government supposes to provide employment and invest in poor people for betterment instead of encouraging people for alcohol consumption. Until today, our CM has never visited a single University. We are living in a pathetic situation after 75 years of independence. In Telangana, one of the CMs had a 50-acre farmhouse in 2014, but today the same farmhouse is in 300-acre land surrounded by a big compound wall with high security. He questioned people, “where did this money come from?” It is all public money.

Social welfare schools are for impoverished background students who come from minimal needs in their houses, but the system always ignored these schools; During his service as secretary, he changed many student’s lives by introducing several innovative programs such as film schools, sports schools, coding schools, and sending children to foreign countries for the greater exposure, where he helped many students to achieve their dreams. He was able to achieve all these with significantly less budget in his hands.

He requested NRIs to give their ideas and get involved in programs that can help uplift the underprivileged and give them a better life by providing better access to education. Representatives from the different organizations such as Global NRI Forum: Roy Manthena, Venkat Maroju, Saireddy Gongati, and Bindhu Gongati, TTA: Rama Krishna and team, CAA: President Malathi Damaraju and Padmakar Damaraju and NATS: Emmanuel Neela and team were part of the meeting to join hands with his vision.

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