Kerala Wants Name Change To Keralan

The Kerala Legislative Assembly, in a display of unanimous consensus, passed a resolution on Wednesday, urging the Central Government to formally acknowledge and adopt the name “Keralam” as the official designation for the southern Indian state. The move highlights the assembly’s determination to preserve the state’s cultural heritage and historical significance through this proposed alteration.

According to the resolution, the adoption of “Keralam” as the state’s official name would not only reflect the region’s unique linguistic identity but also reinforce its distinct cultural and historical roots. The term “Keralam” is deeply ingrained in the state’s history and carries a profound meaning, encapsulating its rich traditions and geographical characteristics. The assembly members unanimously emphasized that this change would serve as a tribute to the state’s vibrant heritage and its people.

In the words of the resolution, “The name ‘Keralam’ encapsulates our cultural essence and the spirit of our land. It signifies the unity of our people and their deep connection to the state’s diverse traditions.”

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The resolution further highlights the significance of “Keralam” in various historical texts and ancient scriptures. By reclaiming this traditional name, the assembly seeks to solidify the state’s identity and commemorate its illustrious past. The members of the assembly underscored the importance of preserving linguistic and cultural legacies for future generations, a sentiment that resonates deeply with the people of Kerala.

As the resolution gained unanimous approval, members of the assembly from various political backgrounds expressed their support and enthusiasm for the proposed change. The collective endorsement of “Keralam” as the official state name symbolizes a shared commitment to honoring the state’s rich cultural tapestry and upholding its historical integrity.

In the words of one assembly member, “This resolution is a testimony to our unity in diversity. It echoes the sentiments of millions who identify with the name ‘Keralam’ and recognize its significance in defining our heritage.”

The resolution’s passage also signifies the assembly’s call for a renewed sense of cultural pride and identity. By embracing the name “Keralam,” the state aims to project a strong sense of unity and self-awareness, while also preserving the linguistic and cultural nuances that make Kerala truly unique.

The Chief Minister of Kerala, lauding the assembly’s decision, stated, “The unanimous adoption of the resolution reflects the unwavering commitment of our representatives to our shared history. ‘Keralam’ is not just a name; it is an embodiment of our collective ethos.”

The resolution, once officially recognized by the Central Government, would solidify “Keralam” as the state’s official name, enshrining it in administrative and official documents. This step would affirm the state’s identity and further elevate its cultural and historical standing.

The Kerala Legislative Assembly’s unanimous adoption of the resolution to embrace “Keralam” as the official state name underscores the assembly’s dedication to preserving the state’s rich cultural heritage and historical legacy. This decision reflects the assembly members’ commitment to celebrating linguistic and cultural diversity, while also fostering a collective sense of pride and identity. As the resolution awaits Central Government recognition, it holds the promise of a future where “Keralam” stands as a testament to Kerala’s enduring heritage and unity.

Quoting the Chief Minister’s sentiment on the matter, “The unanimous adoption of the resolution reflects the unwavering commitment of our representatives to our shared history. ‘Keralam’ is not just a name; it is an embodiment of our collective ethos.”

Overall, the assembly’s move to embrace “Keralam” as the official state name is poised to become a significant milestone in Kerala’s cultural and historical journey, reinforcing its distinctiveness and underscoring its cultural resilience for generations to come.

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