Indians Abroad Earn 120% To 500% More

Indian workers benefit from increased pay and opportunities abroad while their families benefit from remittances the report highlighted.

A recent World Bank Report found that Indians earn higher wages abroad than in their home country. Their earning in foreign countries are 120 to 500 percent higher enabling them to have higher standards of living and better education.

According to the report titled,’Migrants, Refugees and Societies’, every working-class Indian immigrant has experienced a salary increase when working abroad. Low-skilled Indian workers can expect up to a 500 percent rise in salary in the US and up to 300% more in nations like the United Arab Emirates.

The report suggests that the reason for the large disparity in pay is India being an underdeveloped and developing nation that cannot pay high stipends to the working class. As a result, many Indians to relocate to countries with better opportunities and higher pay.

The report notes that the benefits of working abroad are so significant that it could take decades for low-skilled workers in some countries of origin to earn what they do by migrating to a high-income country. The tech sector, in particular, is booming with more prospects for international applicants, with Indians positioning themselves in top positions in Silicon Valley companies like Google, YouTube, Microsoft, and Adobe.

The World Development Report said: “In many cases, migrants, returnees, and diaspora communities transfer ideas, knowledge, and technology, spurring job creation and modernization—just as US Silicon Valley expatriates did when they helped nurture India’s information technology sector.”

The report highlights that remittances provide a consistent source of income for migrant families, allowing them to invest in their children’s education, healthcare, housing, and entrepreneurial activity. India is the country that receives the most remittances internationally, with remittances nearing US$100 billion last year with low-skilled Indian migrants in Gulf countries sending nearly 70 percent of their earnings back to their families.

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