Indian Overseas Congress, USA Appoints Mr. Minhaj Akhtar As The Working President, IOCUSA Midwest Region

Featured & Cover Indian Overseas Congress USA Appoints Mr Minhaj Akhtar As The Working President IOCUSA Midwest Region 2

The Indian Overseas Congress, USA (IOCUSA) proudly hosted a Membership Drive on 19th October 2023 at the Shalimar Banquet in Chicago, Illinois, where it appointed Mr. Minhaj Akhtar as the working President for the Midwest Region. This event echoed the organization’s continuous mission to galvanize the Indian diaspora toward active socio-political participation.

Indian Overseas Congress USA Appoints Mr Minhaj Akhtar As The Working President IOCUSA Midwest Region 3
Picture: Asian Media USA

The Membership Drive was a hub of insightful dialogues and vibrant discussions, reflecting the IOC, USA’s core tenets of democracy, inclusivity, and celebration of Indian heritage. Over the years, the organization has established a legacy of fostering dialogues between India and its overseas community that have significantly impacted policies and their proper implementation.

The event’s centerpiece was the keynote address by Mr. Sam Pitroda, a distinguished political and technology thought leader. Mr. Pitroda’s political acumen, reflected in his tenure as an advisor to former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and his instrumental role in India’s telecommunication revolution, aligned seamlessly with the event’s essence and the broader objectives of the IOC, USA.

Indian Overseas Congress USA Appoints Mr Minhaj Akhtar As The Working President IOCUSA Midwest Region 1
Picture: Asian Media USA

Mr. Pitroda said, ‘India is all about diversity, inclusion, love, democracy, and all these things are being attacked systematically under the current governance. Congress is an idea that fought for an independent India, and it’s under attack. It is time for us to raise our voices and preserve democracy.” Following his address, Mr. Pitroda engaged in an interactive session, addressing queries from the Indian diaspora present, further enriching the discourse.

The panel featured an array of distinguished and seasoned leaders within the IOC, USA, and the broader community. Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, President of IOCUSA, said in his address, “We are on our way to establishing a team in all the states of the USA and uniting the Indian Diaspora to support freedom and justice for everyone back in our motherland.”

Ms. Sophia Sharma General Secretary IOCUSA, was the moderator of the event. Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Chairman IOCUSA Haryana Chapter, Mr. Satheesan Nair, Executive Vice-President of the Kerala Chapter and Senior Leader of IOCUSA, and Mr. Iftekhar Sharif, a prominent community member, seasoned businessman, and philanthropist, were also present at the event.

This illustrious panel delved into pertinent discussions resonating with the event’s theme, further cementing IOC, USA’s credibility, and the collective endeavor towards a robust India-US partnership. With over 100 attendees, the event provided a rich networking platform and fostered a collaborative spirit amongst like-minded individuals. The Membership Drive was not just a means to augment IOCUSA’s membership but also became a celebration of the diaspora’s collective achievements and aspirations.

About Indian Overseas Congress, USA:

Indian Overseas Congress, USA, is a vanguard in fostering social, economic, and political engagement among the Indian diaspora in the United States. Through various initiatives and events, IOCUSA is committed to crafting a vibrant platform for dialogue and action that propels a stronger India-US alliance.

For those inspired by the event’s objectives and looking to join the Indian Overseas Congress, USA, you are encouraged to contact 646-732-5119 for more information on membership and upcoming events. (

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