Indian Nurses Association of New York Holds Continuing Education Conference

The Indian Nurses Association of New York (INANI) a chapter of National Association of Indian Nurses in America stands as the voice of nurses of Indian origin in New York state. Its priorities are promoting nursing education, improving nursing standard and quality and community support.  INANY conducts continuing nursing education for registered nurses and nurse practitioners to ensure that the stakeholders understand the latest developments in nursing care and treatment so that they could apply evidence-based practice.  \

INANY conducted a free continuing education conference last week with topics from nurses building resilience to confronting violence in the society.  The conference, held at the Kerala Center in Elmont, New York was attended by several RNs and NPs. The Association is also on a grant funded by New York state to mitigate the surge in anti-Asian hate since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic and to train the public to extend helping hand to the victims of anti-Asian hate.

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Dr. Jessy Kurian is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with long experience at Northwell Health System, the largest private healthcare system in New York state.  She has been successfully treating thousands of people suffering from mental illness.  Her presentation focused on depression, a mental disorder that affects more than 17 million of American population age 18 and older.  Adults with major depressive disorder have 64 per cent higher risk than the general population for developing coronary artery disease.

They are also at 20 times more likely than the general population thinking about suicide. Many teenagers, college students and young adults who keep depression in themselves tend to self-medicate with substances and become addicts. Women are almost twice likely as men to suffer from depression.  Because of the stigma associated with mental problems, most of the affected individuals and families do not seek the treatment, though this common mental disorder can be treated.  Dr. Kurian called upon the healthcare professionals to be advocates of those suffering to seek treatment and to help them lead a normal life.   Dr. Kurian talked about the symptoms of mood disorder, how to identify the different types of mood disorder, causes of mood disorder, and the various treatment modalities.

Dr. Myrtha Rabinowich, a nurse scientist and a leader of evidence-based practice initiatives in the twenty-three hospitals in Northwell Health System presented on the need for restoring balance and energy through self-care, mindfulness and meditation. Effective practice of mindfulness is an excellent resource to recover from stressful challenges and restoring resiliency.  Dr. Rabinowich taught simple and practical ways to minimize stress of life affecting physical and mental health and to how to grow inner strengths to balance the unpredictable daily life.

Dr. Ani Jacob, a Nurse Scientist at Northwell Health and Clinical Associate Professor at Adelphi University moderated the panel discussion about the need for bystander intervention to address the anti-Asian hate related incidents across the United States which saw drastic surge since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation’s Dr. Solimole Kuruvilla, Molloy College Associate Professor and INANI president Dr. Anna George, and Adelphi University Assistant Professor Dr. Mercy Joseph were the panel members.  The panel also gave a training on the evidence-based strategies to extend helping hand to address anti-Asian hate related incident without compromising self-safety.

Nurses and nurse practitioners who attended the conference received free continuing education hours required for their license.   credits required for the professional practice of nurses and nurse practitioners are available free of charge to conference attendees.

INANI President Dr. Anna George gave the welcome speech. The moderator of the program, vice president of INANI, Dr. Shyla Roshin introduced Dr. Jessy Kurian, Dr. Myrta Rabinowitch, Dr. Ani Jacob, Dr. Solimol Kuruvilla, and Dr. Mercy Joseph.  Anto Paul, the chair of the professional development committee gave vote of thanks.

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