Indian Art Showcases Cultural Pride in Los Altos

The last two years has seen the art world adapt to survive the virus, by creatively showcasing exhibits via video or virtual museum visits. Now as we slowly emerge from the pandemic, artists are harnessing the healing and curative power of art to help bring us into the community.

Led by Deepti Nanawati, the ArtCircle Studio exhibit, Culture, Color, and Light, at the Los Altos Library’s January wall, showcases the work of artists from her Sunnyvale studio. With 17 adults and 26 youth artists participating– you will find works using pencil, acrylic, and oil on canvas. The adult artists are from diverse fields: software engineers, psychologists, physicians, and teachers who “find solace in creativity and art amidst the highly stressful life and work culture in the Bay Area,” says Nanawati.

The exhibit showcases:


In this section, visitors can enjoy the unique collection of festive, colorful, and vibrant art inspired by Indian culture. It draws on the knowledge and wisdom from the ages. The artists present their perceptions and emotions as a distillation of how they perceive life and how people work and interact with different aspects of various activities we engage in. “Culture defines our daily lives, most of us have lived a significant part of our lives in the Bay area which has a unique culture of its own,” explains Nanawati.

The exhibit features paintings inspired by Hindu spirituality by Madhavi Deolalikar showing the rapture and devotion of the culmination of a pilgrim’s journey at the annual Pandharpur pilgrimage. Krishnakumar Nair leverages his journey of meditation and self-inquiry. His paintings derive from concepts based on his experiences and reflections of the divine. Deepti Nanawati’s paintings are inspired by the creative principle, beauty, and synchronicity in nature and the spiritual fabric supporting us.

Keerti Jammala has painted a childhood self-portrait with her brother, as she celebrates this connection between siblings in the festival of Raksha Bandhan where a sister ties a sacred thread on the brother’s wrist as a recognition of their connection, bond, and trust. Sandhya Dabbara, loves to paint on fabric and shares her Bharatanatyam doll painted on white cotton and art inspired by the traditional pichwai cow painting.

Collaborative Art

Culture, Color, and Light, Size: 30” x 48”, Mixed Media on canvas

Nanawati coordinated and composed this painting with artists ranging from 3 to 17 years of age. The hands strongly connect, seemingly to pull each other up, representing “Culture.” The background above the hands, painted by the teens, showcases what “Light” brings to their minds. They have composed dazzling galaxies, brilliant aurora, stars and constellations, sunshine, rainbows, reflections and scattered light. The painting showcases the love and happiness artists associate with light.

Celebration of Uniqueness Size: 30” x 40”, Mixed Media on Canvas

The background below the hands celebrates “Color,” texture, form. The ideas they chose to represent are from real life, nature, and imagination that make their world magical. Plants and animals, insects and birds, magical creatures, flowers, vines and landscapes, shining crystals have been painted with beauty, joy, and enthusiasm.

Celebration of Uniqueness

Created by 19 artists in 2018, this picture is a collaborative expression of the uniqueness of each soul and the unique perspective and perception each person brings.

The collaborative artworks have been offered by the artists (through auction and keepsake purchases) in an online auction to benefit the Food Bank for Sunnyvale Community Services. It’s the perfect way to start the New Year by empowering artists and supporting the local community.

Seventeen artists from ArtCircle Studio teamed up to create this painting. Each segment represents a slice of earth and each artist has put their most positive vision for a resolved climate, and the changes that they would like to see for the future.

A mature and intriguing piece of art.

Check out the exhibit Culture, Color, and Light, through January 31, 2022, at the Los Altos Library

Address: 13 S San Antonio Rd, Los Altos, CA 94022

Let us know how this art impacted you and your family!

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