India Welcomes Taliban’s Restored Land Rights for Afghan Hindus and Sikhs as Positive Step

Featured & Cover India Welcomes Taliban's Restored Land Rights for Afghan Hindus and Sikhs as Positive Step

India hailed the Taliban’s decision to reinstate land rights for Afghan Hindus and Sikhs as a “positive development.” The Taliban administration has reportedly taken steps towards restoring property rights to these minority communities, which External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal described as a favorable move. Jaiswal made these comments during the weekly media briefing in response to inquiries regarding the matter.

The Taliban regime has initiated a commission tasked with ensuring the return of privately owned land to its rightful owners, which had been seized by warlords during the previous administration’s tenure in Kabul. This action follows India’s engagement with Afghan authorities, as J.P. Singh, India’s pointsperson on Afghanistan, held discussions with senior members of the Afghan government in Kabul. Singh, who heads the division for Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran within the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), also met with Taliban’s foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi last month.

India, while refraining from officially recognizing the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, has consistently advocated for the establishment of an inclusive government in Kabul. Additionally, India has emphasized the imperative that Afghan territory should not serve as a base for terrorist activities against any nation. Furthermore, India has been vocal about the necessity of providing unimpeded humanitarian assistance to address the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan.

In June 2022, India took steps to re-establish its diplomatic presence in Kabul by deploying a “technical team” to its embassy in the Afghan capital. This decision followed India’s earlier withdrawal of embassy personnel after the Taliban’s seizure of power in August 2021, prompted by concerns over their safety and security.

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