India Calls For Immediate Reform Of UNSC

India’s permanent representative to the UN, reiterated the need for a Council that represents the changing reality and advocated for UNSC changes.

India’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Ruchira Kamboj, called for immediate reform of the UN Security Council, stating that the body’s existing makeup no longer reflects the reality of an interconnected and multipolar globe.


According to Khamboj, there is an urgent need for a Council that is more inclusive, effective, and representative in preserving international peace and security. She made the remarks during  a Roundtable on Security Council Reform at the UN’s headquarters hosted by the Permanent Missions of Brazil, India, South Africa, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. India has advocated for multilateralism on several occasions and asked for the UNSC to be more inclusive of all nations.

“We are reminded of the world’s evolving challenges and the pressing need for a Council that is more representative, more inclusive, and effective in maintaining global peace and security,” the envoy said. She stressed that it is important to acknowledge the contributions made by nations that have proven capable of fostering peace, advancing development, and addressing global issues.

India’s top diplomat maintained that the Security Council’s legitimacy, credibility, and efficacy might all be improved by enlarging its membership in both the permanent and non-permanent categories. “More voices at the table means a broader range of perspectives, experiences, and expertise to guide decision-making processes,” she added.

“The urgency of reform is also underscored by the unprecedented global challenges that transcend borders, climate change, terrorism, pandemics and humanitarian crises and require collective efforts and shared responsibilities,” she said. A reformed Security Council would enable a pool of resources, expertise and perspectives from a wider range of countries empowering us to confront these issues with greater effectiveness and unity.

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