India Backs Diplomacy and Dialogue to Resolve Ukraine Conflict At BRICS Meet

India has expressed its support for efforts aimed at bringing an end to the conflict in Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of diplomacy and dialogue, according to Arindam Bagchi, the spokesperson for the external affairs ministry. This statement comes as the Brics nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) showed their backing for mediation proposals during a meeting of their foreign ministers in Cape Town.

The joint statement issued after the meeting appreciated “relevant proposals of mediation and good offices” that aim for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. When questioned about whether this statement endorsed a specific peace plan put forth by China, Bagchi responded, “I would not be sure whether to characterize the peace plan you have referred to as a mediation effort or not.” He went on to say that India has consistently supported mediation efforts and believes in “finding a way forward through diplomacy and dialogue.” He also mentioned, “Any mediation effort that works in that direction would be welcome.”

In the joint statement, the Brics foreign ministers discussed their individual stances on the Ukraine situation, as expressed at international forums like the UN Security Council and General Assembly. They emphasized the need for “full and effective implementation” of initiatives such as the Black Sea Grain Initiative and a memorandum of understanding between Russia and the UN Secretariat to promote Russian food products and fertilizers in global markets.

In addition to advocating for UN reforms, the statement highlighted the significance of allowing grains and fertilizers to reach those most in need. The Brics foreign ministers also condemned terrorism in all forms, stressing the necessity for a comprehensive approach to effectively curb terrorist activities and rejecting double standards in countering terrorism and extremism.

As the G7 aims to address Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the G20, the Brics foreign ministers underscored the importance of the G20 acting as the primary multilateral forum for economic cooperation and joint problem-solving on a global scale.

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