Guru Purnima Mothsav By Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Institute Held

Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan organization associated with “Haridham” Sokhda “YDS Chicago” at Bartlett Jain Mandir on July 23rd, Haridham-Sokhda Past President P.P. Hariprasadaswamiji has Appointed his spiritual heir, as P.P. Premaswarup Swamiji’s Guru Purnima celebrations were celebrated in a grand manner in the presence of devotees and heads of social and religious organizations from various states of America and Chicago.   Which includes 16 Religious institutions, 15 local Organizations, 07 News Media publishers and editors and 09 Chief guests including businessmen and dignitaries.

Although the time of the program was kept half past five, as the invited guests and devotees arrived early, the program started from five o’clock and in sight, the hall of Jain Mandir was filled with more than 900 guests and devotees. From five o’clock the listeners were immersed in the Bhajan-kirtans. After that the secretary of YDS Chicago Shri. Chirantan Nanavati started the program welcoming by the saints from “Haridham” Sokhda. Anandswarup Swami and P. Gunagarahkaswami and P. Dinkar Uncle. He gave an occasional address to P.P. Hariprasadaswami described how he created this society from scratch with love and warmth.

Then Bhavbhutibhai, a young man from New Jersey, explained the glory of Guru in life. Hariprasad Swami spoke about the order given to him to hold the hand of His Holiness Premaswamiji. After that P. A video presentation showing the life of Hariprasad Swamiji was shown. In which Aksharniwasi P. P.O. Hariprasadswami showed the qualities of Premaswamiji and And when he (Hariprasadswamiji) will not be on this earth, then he will hand over this organization to Premaswamiji and Tyagavallabhswamiji also showed that video.

After the presentation, Hon. Jayeshbhai introduced the guest dignitaries present followed by P.P Hariprasadswamiji and P.P. Premaswamiji’s idol was honored with flower garlands and bunches of flowers by the invited dignitaries, the guests included Congressman Mr. Raja Krishna Murthy – representing the 8th District of Illinois since 2017, Deputy Consulate General Officer Mr. Vinod Gautam, Vice Consulate General Officer Mr. Bhutia, Entrepreneur Mr. Mafatbhai Patel of Patel Brothers, Mayor of Lincolnwood Mr. Jasal Patel, CEO of Millennium Bank Mr. Moti Aggarwal, VHPA President – Harendra Mangrola, Regional Director of Vishwa Umiya Foundation and President of Umiya Mataji Mandir West Chicago Mr. J.P. Patel, Chairman of Sri Jalaram Temple Mr. Chirayu Parikh, Chairman of Trustees of Jain Metropolitan Society Mr. Chicago Mr. Tejash Shah, President of Jain Metropolitan Society of Chicago Mr. Piyush Gandhi, Representative of Sri Swaminarayan Mandir Wheeling – Vadtal Dham Mr. Kirit Patel, Mr. Hemant Bhrambhat, Publisher of Hi-India, Mr. Jatinder Bedi, Founder and Publisher of Hello-NRI, and Mr. Suresh Bodiwala, Publisher of Asian Media USA, Mr. Babubhai Patel, President of NFIA, Mr. Suryakant Patel – Gujarat Samaj, Founder and Ex-President of AASARP, Mr. Pradeep Shukla, Secretary of Overseas Friends of BJP Mr. Amar Upadhyay, President FIA Chicago Mr. Rakesh Malhotra, Former President FIA Chicago Mr. Rajesh Patel, Acting President Mr. Hemant Patel, President of 42 Village Patidar Samaj Mr. Dashrath Patel, United Senior Family President Mr. Rameshbhai Patel, Chicago Hindu Mahotsav Group President Mr. Shailesh Rajput.

On this auspicious occasion, all invited guests and Congressman Shri. Raja Krishnamurthy were welcomed by our Institute President Dr. C. M. Patel and PRO Shri Kantibhai N Patel. Flowers were offered to P.P. Hariprasadaswamy and P.P. Premaswamiji by Congressman Shri. Raja Krishnamurthy .In his exhortation, Shri Raja addressed his reminisced with P.P. Hariprasadaswamiji and P.P. Premaswarupaswamiji and expressed his wish that the temple under construction at Schaumburg will be completed and opened for devotees.

Then arrived from India Haridham. Anandswaroop Swami and P. Gunagrahakaswamy These two saints P.P. Hariprasadswamy did not leave the earth but P.P. Narrating the events of the devotees’ experiences manifested in Premaswarup Swami, he requested them to have faith and trust that now P.P. Hariprasadswamiji is working among us in P.P. Premaswarupaswamiji. At the end, all the guests took advantage of the Guru Pujan and felt blessed by taking Prasad.

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