Gurdev Singh Hehar Appointed as President of IOCUSA’s Southwest Chapter

Featured & Cover Gurdev Singh Hehar Appointed as President of IOCUSA’s Southwest Chapter

In a significant show of solidarity and commitment, the Indian Overseas Congress, USA (IOCUSA) conducted a landmark membership drive at the ‘Our Place Indian Cuisine’ in Dallas, Texas. The event, characterized by spirited discussions, united prominent community leaders and political figures in their vision for a stronger, more inclusive Indian community.

The drive was kick-started with a stirring address by Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, President of the IOCUSA. Mr. Gilzian’s message resonated deeply with the attendees, emphasizing the crucial need for active political participation in the upcoming elections in India.

He said, “Our engagement in the democratic process is essential to safeguarding the unity and progress of our motherland. Let us unite to ensure a future where diversity and harmony would triumph.”

Sam Pitroda, the Chairman of IOC, and a renowned innovator, joined the meeting through Zoom. He touched upon his connections to Dallas and the broader role of the Indian diaspora. “Our roots here in Dallas are just as important as our ties to India. By harnessing our collective strengths, we can significantly contribute to India’s journey towards modernization and inclusivity,” Pitroda said. He then reminded the audience of the pivotal role of the diaspora in shaping India’s future.

IOC USA established the Southwest Chapter and appointed Mr. Gurdev Singh Hehar as President. In his address, Mr. Gurdev Singh emphasized the significance of unity and collective efforts. He said, “Our strength lies in our diversity and ability to work together, transcending religious and cultural differences, towards a common goal – a thriving and united India, reaffirming the ethos of the IOC.”

Avi Dandiya, the Global Social Media Chief for the IOC, played a key role in the local coordination and setup of the event. His efforts in leveraging social media platforms greatly enhanced the membership drive and brought many community leaders to the event.

The membership drive by the Indian Overseas Congress in Dallas marks a new chapter in the annals of Indian diasporic engagement. It was an event that echoed the sentiments of unity, attention, and proactive participation, critical tenets in shaping a future that the Indian community across the globe aspires for.

Ms. Sophia Sharma, General Secretary of the IOCUSA, moderated the event.

The Indian Overseas Congress is a platform for Non-Resident Indians to participate actively India’s growth and development. It seeks to bridge the gap between the Indian diaspora and their homeland, fostering democratic principles and inclusive development. (

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