GOPIO Convention 2024: Empowering Diaspora Indians for India’s Future

Featured & Cover GOPIO Convention 2024 Empowering Diaspora Indians for India's Future

The 35th Anniversary celebration of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) International and the GOPIO Convention 2024 are set to be hosted by GOPIO International, in collaboration with its chapters in the New York area and other community organizations. The events are slated to occur from April 26-28, 2024, at the Royal Albert Palace in Fords, New Jersey.

According to a press statement from GOPIO International, which was founded in New York in 1989, the organization has been dedicated to serving the 4.5 million strong Indian American community and the broader 35 million global Indian community for the past 35 years. The statement underscores the timeliness of the Convention, noting that it will center on “India’s Present and the Future and what role the Diaspora Indians can play in helping to realize this desirable future.”

The theme of the Convention is titled “Opportunities for Diaspora Indians in India’s Big Manifest Future.”

The Convention will feature six major conference sessions, each addressing critical aspects of the Indian Diaspora’s role in shaping India’s future. These sessions include discussions on Diaspora Youth and Young Achievers, focusing on their potential contributions to India’s future and how GOPIO can facilitate their involvement; Diaspora Women and their Growing Contributions in Various Sectors; Technologies and AI, where Diaspora Indians are leading research and innovations; GOPIO Chamber of Commerce and Industry, highlighting the global networking of Diaspora businesses and SMEs in India; India’s emergence as an alternate market hub for supply chain logistics and potential partnerships with US businesses; and Medical and Health Issues, emphasizing Diaspora Indians’ participation in India’s frontline role in pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical tourism, and the promotion of yoga and its benefits.

Additionally, a second track of conference sessions will address topics such as Diaspora Seniors Aging Gracefully, Diaspora Literature, and Diaspora Arts and Artists.

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