Global Organization Of Indian Christians Announces Leadership Panel For 2023

California: The Global Organization of Indian Christians (GOIC) announced its new leadership panel for 2023. The GOIC is an organization that brings together Christians who emigrated from India to other countries, regardless of denomination, and was founded in 2017 with the idea of upholding unity based on Christian values.

The Global Organization of Indian Christians is led by President Ginsmon P. Zacharia (USA). He is supported by Shajan Alexander (USA), who serves as General Secretary; Tomichen Puthenpurackal (USA), who serves as Treasurer; and Anil Augustine (USA), Tony Mathew (Australia), and Rosen Phillip (USA), who serve as Vice Presidents. The GOIC also has three Joint Secretaries: Shan Justus (USA), Georgekutty Meppurath (Canada), and Molly Thomas (USA), and one Joint Treasurer: Biji Jose (England).

Ginsmon is a familiar face among the American Malayali diasporas. He has a long history of leadership in community organizations and is a senior journalist and media entrepreneur with 19 years of experience. He is also the past trustee board chairman and president of the India Catholic Association of America (ICAA), an umbrella organization for the Syro-Malabar Church, Syro-Malankara, Knanaya, and Latin Catholic communities in the United States. The ICAA has around 2,000 members and played a significant role in providing spiritual guidance to early Christian immigrants from India who made America their home.

A well-respected journalist and media entrepreneur with a long and distinguished career, Ginsmon is also the founder of the Indo-American Press Club (IAPC), the largest organization of Indian journalists in North America, and served as its chairman from 2014 to 2016. He is also the Managing Director of Global Reporter TV, the Chief Editor of JaiHind Vartha, America’s most popular Malayalam newspaper, the publisher of Aksharam, a leading magazine in Malayalam, and the publisher of Asian Era, an English language newspaper catering to the Indian diaspora.

In addition to his work as a journalist, Ginsmon has held leadership positions in several organizations. He was the director of Jai Hind TV’s American division and worked for the European division of Deepika, one of the oldest Malayalam newspapers. He was also the first general secretary of the Liverpool Malayali Association and the secretary of the Indo-American Lawyers Forum, the Indo-American Malayali Chamber of Commerce, and joint secretary for the Kerala Samajam of Greater New York.

Ginsmon, a native of Thodupuzha Vazhiththala, graduated with a law degree from Bangalore University. He also has a postgraduate degree in business management. He is married to Siji Augustine, and they have three children: Andrew, Brionna, and Ethan.

Shajan Alexander, elected GOIC general secretary, is an MBA graduate and an entrepreneur here in the USA and in India. He is also an activist with the Frederick Douglass Foundation, Faith, and Freedom Coalition. He also held the Asian Faith Alliance Executive Director position and is a political consultant and analyst. He started his career at Walmart as a sales associate when he immigrated to the US in 2003. His parents, TC Alexander and his mother, Mariamma Alexander, are from Chengannur Pandanad in Kerala. He lives with his wife, Nissy Alexander, a psychotherapist and clinician, and two boys, Nathan and Nicholas.

Tomichen Puthenpurackal, GOIC’s elected treasurer, is an engineer by profession. He has a degree in mechanical and production engineering and has served with the military as an engineer and worked in various reputed firms in India and abroad. He has been an active participant and carried various roles in many organizations. His responsibilities included several leadership positions in social & religious organizations in India, UAE, Ireland, and in the USA. A philanthropist, team leader, and organizer, Tomichen is also enthusiastic about sports and games.

The GOIC is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2017. The GOIC is led by a 21-member board of directors, who formulates their ideologies and decisions and consists of representatives from 22 countries across the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. The GOIC’s motto is “United in Christ.” One of the GOIC’s main objectives is to lead activities that are beneficial to the community and to help the younger generation, who go for education in foreign countries, to maintain their faith and unity.

The organization will also lead efforts to unify the leaders of various Christian organizations under one roof to address the challenges faced by Christians in India, especially in Kerala. This organization is a community of Christian believers who are united by their faith in Christ. The organization’s goal is to help needy brothers and sisters in their time of need and to support their growth and survival at the material level.

The organization was founded on the message of Jesus Christ to be a good neighbor and to help those in need. The founders’ belief that growing together, rather than growing alone, is essential for the survival of our society and that we have a responsibility to help those who are less fortunate was the motivation for the start of the organization.

The members of this organization come from different Christian denominations, and as such, there will be some differences in their religious beliefs and spiritual views. This organization is committed to creating a community that respects everyone’s faith and, therefore, does not promote any discussion on religious matters, attempts to impose one’s faith on others, or the attitude that only one’s faith is correct. This organization believes that doing so could disrupt the community. Instead, this organization believes that spiritual life and growth in relationship with God should be shaped by each individual’s faith in relation to their faith, community, or church.

Each member of this organization will continue to be a member of their respective churches or associations and promote the good works that they are doing. The official interest of this organization is to help in the spiritual growth of all its members. This organization is not a platform for criticizing the activities of the churches or associations that its members are currently a part of. It has been decided that nothing that happens in these other organizations should affect the operations of this organization. This community is designed to achieve together what its members and their organizations cannot achieve on their own.

GOIC has no intention of becoming a church or similar organization. Its purpose is to help Christians grow and thrive, both physically and spiritually. This includes providing material support, spiritual guidance, and a sense of community. The organization would strive to create a safe and supportive environment where Christians can grow in their faith and live happy and peaceful lives.

Simply put, the Global Organization of Indian Christians is an organization that would help Christians achieve material growth while maintaining their Christian values. This group would be a place for discussions, decision-making, and taking action with the sole objective of ensuring the material growth and safety of Indian Christians around the world.

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