FIA-Chicago and Indian Consulate Hold OCI Camp

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The Federation of Indian Associations of Chicago (Established in 1980) and India’s Consulate in Chicago hosted an Overseas Citizen of India/Passport Camp Chicago at Manav Seva Mandir, Bensenville, IL on Dec 10, 2023.

The camp was attended by more than 500 families of Indian descent, a press release from Asian Media USA said.

Consul General Somnath Ghosh extended all the support from his office providing more than six staff members to help answer questions and process the paperwork for OCI Cards. More than 550 individuals registered for the OCI camp, where 590 individuals took advantage of the services offered, including new applications.

According to organizers, the camp offered the following:

– OCI Card Services: The camp offered a streamlined process for various OCI services, including new applications, re-issuance, and addressing queries related to OCI cards.

FIA Chicago and Indian Consulate Hold OCI Camp 1-Indian Passport Services: Attendees had the opportunity to engage with consular officials, seeking guidance and support on various consular matters, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

– Informational Sessions: Expert-led informational sessions were conducted, covering topics such as legal rights, cultural exchange programs, and updates on the latest developments related to OCI regulations.

–Adhaar card and Pan Card: The event also featured queries and assistance filling out forms and form attestation.

-Visa applications: Participants had the chance to apply for an Indian Visa and submit the applications for the same.

The Consul General and VSF representative expressed gratitude for the FIA initiative and the community’s active participation, saying, “The OCI Camp reflects our ongoing commitment to providing essential services and support to the Indian diaspora. We are grateful for the partnership with the Federation of Indian Associations, which has contributed to the success of this event.”

“Collaborating with the [Embassy/Consulate General] for this OCI Camp has been a significant step towards strengthening our community bonds. We look forward to more such initiatives that benefit the Indian diaspora,” said Dr, Rashmi Patel, president of the Federation of Indian Associations Chicago. The FIA also thanked Manav Seva Mandir and its volunteers for allowing the use of the facility and resources to hold the camp.

Dr. Bharat Barai praised the success of the camp and said the community needed to conduct this type of camp at least twice a year. He noted the presence of the FIA’s executie committee members Nitin Patel (Ex. VP), Vijendra Doma, and Dr. Hemant Patel. Also present were FIA Trustees Bhailal Patel, Kanti S. Patel, Kanti N. Patel, Rajesh Patel, Hina Trivedi and Ajai Agnihotri.

The FIA provided 7 laptops 3 printers/scanners as well as snacks and refreshment for the event and Manish Jain and Aalap Patel provided Notary services throughout the day pro bono.

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