‘Entire Planet Will Be Under Our Law,’ Hamas Leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar’s Warns The World

Amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, a concerning message has surfaced from Hamas Commander Mahmoud al-Zahar, expressing his group’s aspirations for global dominance.

A video clip, lasting over a minute, featuring the senior Hamas official has gone viral on the internet. In the footage, he claims that Israel is just the initial target and that their goal is to expand their influence worldwide. This ominous warning comes as Israel has declared war on Hamas following a shocking attack that claimed the lives of hundreds of Israelis.

Zahar stated in the video, “Israel is only the first target. The entire planet will be under our rule.”

He continued, “The entire 510 million square kilometres of Planet Earth will be subject to a system devoid of injustice, oppression, and the kind of violence and crimes witnessed against Palestinians and Arabs in various Arab countries, including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and others.”

Shortly after the video emerged, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement reaffirming his commitment to the ongoing fight against Hamas, declaring that every member of the Palestinian group was a target.

“Hamas is equivalent to Daesh (the Islamic State group), and we will dismantle them just as the world did with Daesh,” he stated during a brief televised address.

Meanwhile, Hamas members holding Israeli soldiers and civilians captive have issued a threat to execute a hostage for each Gaza home struck by Israel without warning. At the time, there was no confirmation of Hamas carrying out this threat.

In response to the escalating crisis, Israel has formed an emergency unity government, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu working alongside former Defense Minister Benny Gantz in a war cabinet.

This development comes as the Israeli military intensifies its operations in Gaza, aiming to eradicate the Palestinian group Hamas before a potential ground offensive in the Palestinian coastal enclave.

Comparing Hamas to ISIS, Netanyahu outlined some of the horrific acts committed during the recent attacks, including the burning of individuals alive. He highlighted that nearly every Israeli family has a connection to a victim of these attacks.

“We will unite to protect our homeland,” Netanyahu declared and expressed appreciation for the “unprecedented” support Israel has received from global leaders. “We are on the offensive… Every Hamas member is a target,” he asserted.

Netanyahu concluded by emphasizing that all of Israel stands behind its soldiers, assuring that Israel will emerge victorious.

“We are all one; we are all enlisted in this fight,” proclaimed Benny Gantz. He added, “There is only one camp, the camp of the Nation of Israel,” emphasizing that the partnership with Netanyahu is not political but one of fate. “All of Israel is under Order Number 8 (the order sent to reservists for an emergency wartime call-up),” Gantz noted.

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