Ekal Connecticut Organizes Fund-Raising Gala

Ekal Connecticut, which is a part of the much larger Ekal movement, held its annual fund-raising gala at All Saints Catholic School on May 6th in Norwalk Ct.

The evening resonated with foot tapping music performed by great singers with their band, fabulous Indian cuisine and a desire to make lives of children better.

Spear headed by youth volunteers one could see the hard work and determination of the volunteers.

Ekal Vidyalaya is an organization which supports education for kids in rural India and Nepal. For every 365 raised they are able to run a one teacher school for the year in rural and remote parts of India and Nepal.

This movement aims to eradicate illiteracy from these areas following the philosophy of rural development based on the criteria of equality and inclusiveness across all sections of society.

Ekal CT organizes this fundraiser every year. Ekal volunteers are all school sponsors. This year Asha and Adish Jain of Asha Foundation sponsored the program along with Warshaw capital LLC.

Program started with introductions by Kedar Godbole and Aditya Gupta. Swamiji of Wilton temple along with Asha and Adish Jain did the prayers and lamp lighting of the program. Harry Arora supported this program and spoke about the importance of supporting education for kids. Dr. Jaya Daptardar and Tanu Suneja were moderator of the program. Youth volunteers did a great job of raising the funds via bake sale before the event. If anyone wants to donate for EKAL foundation or need more information about Ekal, please visit www.ekal.org

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