CAPI Donates Blankets To Homeless Shelters Across Connecticut

Inspired by the national AAPI’s  “Share a Blanket” project, the Connecticut Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (CAPI) took on a Winter Blanket Drive and donated hundreds of blanket kits to the poor and the needy in several Homeless Shelters across the state of Connecticut, said Dr.

Jaya Daptardar, Executive Healthcare Business Consultant, CEO and Founder and a leader of the local CAPI Chapter. The kits included blankets, hats, and socks. The AAPI team raised 2200$ within ten days and accomplished this feat.

The noble Drive, in fulfilling yet another mission of national AAPI to help the needy during the cold winter season, providing the warmth of a blanket reached several towns in the state of Connecticut, including, Malta House Norwalk, CT; Gillespie Center Westport, CT; New Haven Homeless Shelter; Bridgeport Homeless Shelter; and, Waterbury Homeless Shelter.

Dr. Sushil Gupta, President of CAPI with all CT CAPI members have been participating in the Drive since last year. As was done in the past, this year, funds were donated collectively by the members of CAPI during the holiday season, and boxes of blankets were distributed to local homeless shelter facilities. The whole purpose has been that during this pandemic and tough financial situation, no one has to suffer and each and every effort and assistance matters.

“This was a one of a kind experience for the whole team of physicians and young volunteers alike. Our younger generation of aspirant physicians helped distribute and volunteered their time,” said Dr. Sushil Gupta. “The beneficiaries included children, pregnant women, new moms, and older population.”

Some of the physicians who were part of the Share A Blannket Drive and organized the events across the state included, Drs. Sushil Gupta, Sujata Prasad, Viji Kurup, Prasad Surredi, Nicole Sookhan, Jaya Daptardar, Alok Bhargava, and Ramamurthy Chriranamula.

Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, President of Aapi and the local organizer of the Share a Blanket Program in her hometown, San Antonio, TX while expressing gratitude and appreciation to CAPI and numerous other AAPI Chapters across the nation for organizing the Drives around the nation, said, “Realizing how this initiative benefits several needy in the community gives us the motivation to organize more such events and give back to the local community. We strongly feel that we can make more suchaccomplishments with support and participation from all our generous AAPI physicians.”

AAPI launched “Share a blanket” project during the holiday season recently to give some warmth to the needy. The project was initially conceptualized by Dr. Binod Sinha, an AAPI member from New Jersey. This project was successful and received very well by the local chapters and communities. For more details and to join the Share A Blanket Drive in your state, please visit:

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