Bihar-Jharkhand Association Plans For 50th Anniversary  Under New Leadership

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The Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America (BJANA) recently elected new leadership for the 2-year term 2024-2025.

Sanjeev Singh, who has served BJANA in various capacities including as Secretary, and as Vice President, has been elected as the new President of BJANA.

The other office-bearers include Priti Kashyap as Vice President, Sushant Krishen as Secretary, Vandana Kumar as Joint Secretary, and Priya Ranjan as Treasurer. Additionally, the elected executive members are Dr. Avishek Kumar, Akhilesh Azad, Sarika Dubey, Dipen Banerjee, Rahul Sahay, Ranjeet Kumar, Anish Anand, Bishwanath Sharma, and Saloni Sah.

Established in 1975, BJANA says it remains steadfast in its commitment to continuing its philanthropic efforts. For the future, it has set an ambitious goal to celebrate its grand golden jubilee, marking 50 years of service, and community engagement. The participation from all over North America indicates a desire to unite and involve a broad spectrum of individuals who share a connection with Bihar and Jharkhand, the organization said in a press release.

BJANA achieved significant milestones under its previous President, Anurag Kumar, providing valuable services to the people of Bihar and Jharkhand in the USA, and in India, a press release from the organization said. Sanjeev Singh expressed his gratitude to Anurag Kumar for his guidance, and the opportunity to serve the community.

Anurag Kumar expressed confidence in the new team, and wished them success.

The BJANA Election Commission, consisting of Late Dr. Anil Kumar, Ranjit Sinha, and Rakesh Kumar, also congratulated the new team and the young leaders.

Several community leaders, including Dr. Avinash Gupta, Dr. Binod Sinha, Dr. Sudhanshu Prasad, Shashi Sinha, Rajiv Akhaury, Bhawesh Choudhary, Anjali Prasad, and Vinay Singh, congratulated the new team, and wished them well. Alok Kumar, the past president of the Federation of Indian Association, and a BJANA member, also did the same.

Sanjeev Singh, born and raised in Bokaro Steel City with roots in Vaishali, Bihar, brings a wealth of experience to his new role, the press release said. With a management and finance background, he has spent close to two decades in the USA, working with global consulting organizations, and serving Wall Street financial services firms.

He maintains connections to his roots, and has actively participated in various community activities, and implemented many new ideas, including mentoring BJANA’s new generation and summer camp, working with local philanthropic organizations, building welfare partnerships in Bihar and Jharkhand, and establishing collaborations with local businesses in the USA to raise funds for BJANA’s charitable causes, and events.

Singh wants to press on with strengthening the community’s youth development network, building a robust professional network, backing entrepreneurs, and startups in the USA. His other objectives include fostering collaboration with colleges, and universities in Bihar & Jharkhand, and actively participating in community development initiatives related to economy, education, and health.

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