AAPI’s First-Ever World Health Congress In New York To Cater To The Needs Of All

Feature and Cover AAPI’s First Ever World Health Congress In New York To Cater To The Needs Of All

“AI, CMEs, Research, CEO/Women’s Forums, Live Entrainment, Broadway Shows, Fashion Shows, Garba, Mindfulness, Spiritual Discourses, And Heartbeat”

“We are very excited to invite you to the most awaited event of the year, the first-ever World Health Congress, being organized by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) at the heart of New York City,” said Dr. Anjana Samadder, President of AAPI. “This 5-day event set at the prestigious Marriott Marquis on Times Square in the amazing city of New York will be held from July 18–22, 2024.”

The theme for the Congress is “Beyond Boundaries: The Confluence of Medicine and Artificial Intelligence.”

Taking into account the diverse needs of the AAPI delegates coming from around the world, the World Congress organizers have meticulously planned the event, with the conference packed with sessions on “AI, CMEs, Research, CEO/Women’s Forums, Live Entrainment, Broadway Shows, Fashion Shows, Garba, Mindfulness, Spiritual Discourses, and Heartbeat.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the prime focus of our World Health Congress, said Dr. Samadder, while describing the major innovation of AI use in healthcare. “We have physicians registered from England, Australia and India to come to this Congress,” Samadder said.

According to Dr. Sumul Raval, current Secretary of AAPI, “We have invited leaders in AI and CEOs of companies to tell us how AI is going to affect healthcare.” Sessions at the Congress will discuss how AI is primarily utilized to increase speed and accuracy in healthcare. It is already being used today in diagnosing patients, in transcribing medical documents, in drug discovery and development, and in increasing administrative efficiency.
Complicated surgeries and procedures are being done with the use of AI. Sessions will also discuss the use of AI technologies including machine learning, natural language processing, and rule-based expert system. Artificial Intelligence experts will hold informative sessions on how AI is positioned to improve patient outcomes, increase safety, reduce human error, and reduce costs associated with healthcare.

The event is set to offer opportunities for the participants to connect with influential leaders including former First Lady Michelle Obama, international actor Priyanka Chopra and India’s first woman Police Chief Kiran Bedi, at the Women’s Forum. It will also offer a transformative experience in public health, bridging, communities, and as it explores AI’s role in these endeavours. The Congress, thus, promises empowerment, leadership, inspiration, and networking with esteemed leaders from around the world.

Other highlights include keynote speeches on the Future of Health Care, cutting-edge medical exhibits, research contests, and 24 Continuing Medical Education, and accredited workshops.

There will be entertainment features for children such as The Wiz and The Lion King, performances by singer Atul Purohit and a comedy show by Kapil Sharma, Live entertainment by Javed Ali and Atif Aslam, Traditional Garba, Bollywood Film Festival, and a fashion show.

This conference will host Physicians, Healthcare professionals, and leaders from across the world for a dynamic exchange of ideas, a collaborative effort to shape the future of healthcare on a global scale. We invite you to be an active participant in this transformative journey.

Raval said, “We will have an event that will be full of fun-filled, research-filled, and learning-filled activities.” Outlining other features of the event, Raval said there was something for everyone, including the younger generation, the teenagers, and children, making it a family event. “We will have amazing food for all the many days — from Mogul catering from New Jersey, and many more activities throughout the five days,” Raval said.

The Congress will include a section on young physicians with different activities. He said a Singles Match section will also be part of the Congress. “A lot of our physicians have children who are at the age where they are ready to mingle and find a life partner, and we have also included those activities,” Raval said.

In addition to colorful entertainment, exquisite authentic Indian cuisine, esteemed yoga gurus and experts, who are planned to share their wisdom and leading the Wellness Sessions by world renowned speakers and leaders in the industry will offer enlightening sessions to the delegates.

“We invite you to the World Congress in the world’s capital city, New York,” Dr. Achintya Moulik, Chair of AAPI Convention 2024 said. “Dedicated to enhancing patient care through professional development, AAPI at the World Congress is proud to present CMEs that enrich the participants with the latest in healthcare policy, technology and medical advancements.”

It is the first time that AAPI is organizing a World Health Congress. Dr. Samadder said, the idea behind this was to rebrand the annual convention to include physicians from South Asia from every walk of life. “Because at the end of the day, we all need to stand together to address healthcare issues,” she said.

The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin’s World Congress offers an exciting venue to interact with leading physicians, health professionals, academicians, and scientists of Indian origin. The physicians and healthcare professionals from across the country will convene and participate in the scholarly exchange of medical advances, to develop health policy agendas, and to encourage legislative priorities in the coming year.

“The annual convention offers extensive academic presentations, recognition of achievements and achievers, and professional networking at the alumni and evening social events,” Dr. Samadder added. For more details on AAPI and the World Congress, please visit: www.aapiconvention.org and www.aapiusa.org

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