A Big Fat Wedding Of Irma Shareef With Ubaid Jafer, Daughter Of Iftekhar Shareef Held

It was a ‘Big Fat Wedding’ September 30, 2022, when Iram Shareef, daughter of Indian-American businessman and community leader Iftekhar Shareef, tied the knot with Ubaid Jafer, at Shalimar Banquets in Chicago, Illinois.

Leading businessman Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Congress Party leader Sonia Gandhi and late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, came all the way from India to attend.

Over 1000 people attended including businessmen, politicians, community elders. In addition to , Robert Vadra from Delhi, India a leading businessman, special guests included Congressman Raja Krishnamurthy. Robert Vadra presented a special congratulatory message to Iftekhar Shareef signed by Gandhis. Also attended by Dr Bharat Barai a respected community elder from Indiana and many important leaders.

Iftekhar Shareef has held many important local and state level positions and been recognized for his community leadership as well as his business acumen and philanthropy. He has been a political activist supporting many candidates for office both at state and national levels and been bestowed numerous community leadership awards.

According to his eponymous website, iftekharshareef.com, he  has been President and CEO of many small and mid-size companies including National Bankcard Corporation, a credit card processing company. Other banks he has worked with include Old Kent Bank Of Michigan, Bank Of America, North Carolina, Columbus Bank and Trust Company, Columbus, GA, First National Bank Of Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska, Fifth Third Bank, Columbus,Ohio.

Apart from being the founder, chairman and managing director of National Bankcard Chicago, Shareef is founder, president and CEO of Secure Check USA; founder, president and CEO of Skincare Systems Inc.; NBC Credit Card Solutions Private Ltd in Hyderabad; founder, chairman and managing director of IGS Real Estate Developers. He also owns and operates multiple shopping complexes,  motels, and commercial real estate in Chicago and Hyderabad.

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