10th Telangana Formation Day Celebrated

The 10th Telangana Formation Day was celebrated on June 2 in Long Island, New York under the auspices of the New York Telangana Telugu Association (NYTTA) and the Telangana American Telugu Association (TTA) in the heart of New York.

Telugu members from New York and leaders of other organizations attended this festival and expressed their happiness with Telangana songs and words. The special guest Sri Narayanaswamy’s wife Smt. Vidya garu “Jaya Jayahe” sang the Telangana Geetam melodiously and ushered in the auspicious beginning.

MC’s Padma Taduri and Prasanna Madira  explained the purpose of the meeting and the significance of the Telangana Formation Day and invited the special guest famous Telangana writer Mr. Narayanaswamy Venkatayogi, NYTTA President Sunil Reddy Gaddam, TTA Regional Vice President Satyanarayana Reddy Gaggenapally and Founding President Srinivas Guduru  on the stage.

Sunil Reddy Gaddam invited the gathering and explained the social service activities being done by these two associations. The special guest Mr. Narayanaswamy was thanked for coming to the meeting even though they were far away. Mr. Satyanarayana Reddy Gaggenapally invited the guests and explained his college experiences during the Telangana struggle. He also said that we are working together with other associations in New York.

Founding president Mr Srinivas Guduru said that the emergence of Telangana is decades-long aspiration of the people of Telangana. Social, linguistic and economic differences have been added to that aspiration. Many states in the country have also split like this, he said, which is a natural evolution over time.

In his speech, Mr. Venkatayogi explained the struggle of the people of Telangana for existence, and explained all their experiences, the uniqueness and simplicity of the Telangana language, the hardships faced by the people of Telangana, and said that the state has developed a lot after Telangana State formed.

The way he talked about the increasing importance of Telangana language in Telugu cinema amused the audience. In the same way, the role of NRI Telangana people during the Telangana struggle and the various protest activities undertaken by them, first of all Bathukamma Shakatam’s experience in New York City’s India Day Parade was explained. The questions of those who attended the program were answered.

The leaders of other local organizations were participated. Vice President Kiran Parvatala on behalf of TLCA, Sumanth Ramisetti on behalf of TANA and RVP Dilip Musunuru of TANA addressed the gathering. While appreciating the celebration of 10th Telangana State formation day, he asked all the Telugu people to work together for progress.

Telangana activists Ravinder Kodela, TTA BOD Sahodar Peddireddy, Past-BOD Sarath Vemuganti, NYTTA Vice President Vani Singirikonda, Secretary Geeta Kankanala, EC members Padma Taduri, Prasanna Madhira, Alekya Vinjamuri and others narrated their experiences in the program. Shri Subbu Garikapati explained his personal experiences with Mulki rules.

Later Shri Narayanaswamy and his wife Vidya were felicitated. Invitees thanked the organizers of the program and Shri Narayanaswamy for sharing his experiences on many unknown things.

For this purpose, NYTTA / TTA Board of Directors, Advisory Committee and EC members along with children and adults participated and made the program a success. Finally the program ended with a delicious dinner.

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