IAPC Announces New Leadership for 2024 & Beyond

Feature and Cover IAPC Announces New Leadership for 2024 & Beyond

Dr. Joseph Chalil, New Chair of the Board of Directors

Azad Jayan, National President; Shan Justus, General Secretary; Sunny George, Treasurer

New York: The Chair of the Board of Directors and the National Committee of the Indo American Press Club (IAPC), the largest association of journalists of Indian origin in North America has been announced.

Dr. Joseph M. Chalil, a prominent physician executive, currently serving as the Chief Medical Officer at Novo Integrated Sciences, Inc, whose extensive contributions to healthcare innovation and research are recognized internationally, with numerous publications in leading journals will serve as the Chair of IAPC’s Board of Directors for the year 2024 and Beyond. Dr. Chalil is also an LLM Medical Law and Ethics candidate at the University of Edinburgh Law School, further enhancing his expertise in the intersection of healthcare, law, and ethics. Author of several Best sellers, he is the co-founder, serving as the President & CEO of TheUNN Corporation.

Azad Jayan, who has a journalism-business background is the National President. Writer James Kurikattil is the executive vice president. Shan Jestus, an IT expert, is the general secretary and Sunny George is the Treasurer. Others who will lead the decade-old organization into the new decade and beyond are:  Sunil Manjinakkara (New York Chapter), Shibi Roy (Houston Chapter), Patricia Umashankar (Dallas Chapter), Tozin Abraham (New York Chapter) will serve as Vice Presidents and Prof.

Joy Pallatummatham (Dallas Chapter), Nisha Jude (New York Chapter), and Chacko James (Houston Chapter) will serve as the Secretaries. Thrissur Jacob (New York Chapter) and Jomon Joy (Connecticut Chapter) were selected as the Joint Treasurers. Milly Philip (Philadelphia Chapter) was selected as the National Coordinator for the United States and Noble Augustine (Alberta Chapter) as the National Coordinator for Canada. Gigi Kurian (New York Chapter) and Rijesh Peter (Edmonton Chapter) will manage the news distribution. Ex-President Aashmita Yogiraj is an ex-officio member of the National Committee.

Azad Jayan started TV journalism as a trainee reporter in Manorama News in 2006 and worked in Manorama News for 6 years as a reporter in Thiruvananthapuram and Delhi bureaus and as a producer in the main desk. Mainly dealt with were Supreme Court news, right-wing politics, and cinema beats. In addition to reporting many human interest stories, many prominent figures have been interviewed. He has also directed several television live shows and documentaries. MC tops the list of Indian media in Canada. He is the Director of News and the Editor-in-Chief of Kan Malayali newspaper. He holds a BA in English and an Advanced Diploma in Mass Communication and Video Production from Mahatma Gandhi University.

Shan Justus currently serves as the web designer of The Universal News Network. A Software Engineering Manager an the Health and Wellness/Pharmacy Information Technology team in San Antonio, Texas, he is also known for his creative writings. Shan has always preferred digital technology. Shan Justus has over a decade of experience in the news media industry.

Mr. James is a famous writer, who has previously worked as Vice President of IAPC. Known not only in the US but also among Malayalees around the world, James Kurikattil is a regular presence in workshops and seminars that emphasize scientific independent thinking.

Sunny George is an IT professional with twenty-five years of experience in information technology and consulting services. He is president and CEO of SGTC LLC and manager of Hedge Media, providing IT consulting services to other organizations. Oversaw Bloomberg’s and Reuters’ real-time market data service for IT asset management and trading floor operations. Mr. George currently serves as the Treasurer of the Malayali Association of Long Island and is active in organizations such as the Salem Marthomma Church of Eastern Long Island. Mr. Sunny George is an influencer in social media, implementing state-of-the-art technology and media solutions in collaboration with various organizations.

Sunil Manjanikara works as Program In Chief at Global Reporter Channel. Sunil, who was the program director of Jaihind TV USA, excelled in photography and videography. He has produced several TV programs and was instrumental in launching the visual media initiative of the American Malankara Atibhadrasan of the Syrian Orthodox Church. He has also worked as the Public Relations Officer of Malankara Atibhadrasan from 2017 to 2019. For Jaihind TV, Sunil organized a reality show for the first time in all the states of America, which became a historic event. About two hundred and fifty episodes of the reality show, in which thousands of Malayalis participated, were aired. Many singers have been able to present their talent to the world through this program.

Shibi Roy Athura, Vice President of the IAPC Houston Chapter, is a person who has excelled both in the field of service and media. In spite of her nursing job, Shibi managed to play the role of a passionate radio jockey and make it a success. He is the founder and CEO of Mallu Cafe Radio and a radio personality. Shibi is notable for its efforts to spread goodness and love through the medium of radio. Mallu Cafe Radio promotes physical and mental health programs. Shibi Roy, the elected 2020-2021 Women’s Representative of the Malayali Association of Greater Houston, is the Chairperson of the Women’s Forum of the American Malayali organization FOMA.

Mr. Tozin Abraham is a broadcast professional with a rich background in computer engineering and broadcast engineering. Tozin started his career in 1994 as a computer engineer. From 1996 to 2002, he worked as Director, Producer and Chief News Officer of Kerala Television in New York. Serving as Transmission Manager at a multi-channel broadcasting company in New York, Tosin leads the seamless transmission of content across multiple channels. He worked as a transmission engineer at ABC News and later as a broadcast engineer at Fox News. Mr. Tosin Abraham is a person who always strives to push the boundaries of technology and storytelling, excel in every role he undertakes and come up with innovative ideas.

Patricia Umashankar is a freelance journalist with six years of experience as a Personal Assistant to the Chief Reporter of a leading American newspaper. Currently working as a freelancer for a radio station, Patricia is passionate about presenting a wide variety of topics with depth, accuracy and insights. Organizational skills and attention to detail have enabled Patricia Umakar to easily establish herself in this fast-paced media world. Patricia Umashakar’s role in engaging audiences with accurate and lively reporting and making meaningful contributions to the media sector is no small feat.

IAPC Dallas Chapter Advisory Board Member Prof. Joy Pallatumath also served as the Vice President of this organization during 2015-2019. He is the editor and co-author of 2 academic books, Zoology for Pre-Degree Students and Animal Diversity for Degree Students published by Zoological Society of Kerala. He was co-editor (1990-98) of BULBUL, an environmental bi-monthly published jointly by Ecofraternity and Kerala Center for Christian Higher Education. He also served on the Editorial Board of Tree India Journal jointly published by The Land Use Board Trivandrum, Friends of Trees Kottayam and Ecofraternity. He has published articles in newspapers and magazines.

Prof. Pravasi Shrestha Malayalam language course for Malayali children in Texas and other places. Joy Pallatummath continued her social volunteerism in America. In 2019, he compiled, authored and published 2 volumes of Pravasi Shrestha Malayalam books dedicated to Pravasi Malayalam children worldwide. He is a member of the Pastoral Council of the Syro Malabar Catholic Diocese of Chicago and a member of the Canaanite Catholic Association of North America (KCCNA) and the Kerala Association of Dallas. Currently serving as the President of Pravasi Malayali Federation (PMF) North America Region.

Nisha Jude is a social media influencer who discusses many topics among North American Malayalis. Mrs. Nisha Judd is a person who boldly shares and responds to socially relevant issues through her social media platform. From 2020-2022, Kairali TV was associated with America. Nisha was reporting from America for Doordarshan Kerala during the covid period. Nisha works in the health sector and lives in New York with her family.

Mr. James Chacko, a permanent resident of Texas, is a well-known personality in the socio-political arena. Has published short stories and several articles. He is a writer for leading American media such as Jai Hind News and E Malayalee. He has served in various positions in leading American organizations such as Michigan Literary Association, Oruma, LANA, Malayalee Association of Greater Houston and Rotary Club. He is currently the General Secretary of Riverstone Malayali Association.

Mr. Thrissur Jacob is a personality who has been present in the media field for more than a decade and a half as a television producer, reporter and news editor. He is noted as a presenter, writer, debater, political analyst, crisis management expert and counselor. Jahhind Newsl, the most popular newspaper among North American Malayalis, has been operating for more than fifteen years. Thrissur Jacob, who maintains distinct views on musical taste and artistic moral values, is a person who puts forward the idea that a society should be formed based on practical human values beyond the superficialities.

Jomon Joy, who works as a freelancer, is a columnist in leading Malayalam media in America.

Milly Philip, President of the Philadelphia IAPC Chapter, serves as the World Malayali Council Women’s Forum Americas Region General Secretary and the Malayali Association of Greater Philadelphia’s Women’s Forum Chairperson. Millie has held many positions including MAP (Malay Association of Greater Philadelphia) Women’s Forum Chairperson, WMC PA Province Women’s Forum Chairperson. He is also currently the program coordinator for the Orthodox Sunday School. Millie Phillippe has literally dedicated her life to justice and charity. In 1995 he was the MG University Youth Festival Coordinator. She has worked as an anchor and reporter for Asianet, Manorama News, Doordarshan and Global Reporter. Currently working as a Learning Support Assistant, Millie lives in Pennsylvania.

Noble Augustine is a dedicated English teacher by profession with a passion for the field of education and linguistics. Noble Mathew is the Editorial Director at Samiksha, a Canadian multicultural family magazine. Mr. Noble has been instrumental in shaping the diverse content of Samiksha. His multifaceted roles reflect his unwavering dedication to education, social service and cultural enrichment. In addition to teaching, the Knights of Columbus serve as district deputies in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. She is a member of the Parish Council of Saint Mother Teresa Syro Malabar Church in Calgary.

Mr. Gigi Kurian is the chairman of several organizations in America. Mr. Gigi Kuryan, director of Kerala News Online, has a strong presence among the American Malayalees. Sri Gigi Kurien is also a well-known composer.

Rijesh Peter started his career as a creative graphic professional in New Delhi. He currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the IAPC Chronicle, an e-magazine published from Calgary for the Indo-American Press Club. He is the editor of Souvenir published by St. Mother Teresa Syro Malabar Catholic Church, Calgary, Canada. He is also an active participant in programs organized by various associations in Calgary, Canada.

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