Financial Consultant from Manipur Shot Dead in Virginia

Shaolin Chandam, a 25-year-old Indian national, was shot dead late last month outside his house during an altercation in Virginia, and the police have arrested one person in connection with the murder. Chandam, who is from Manipur, was shot several times Aug. 25 during an argument in LaSalle Gardens in Hampton, authorities said. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The Hampton Police Division has arrested 25-year-old Keenan Palmer in connection with the case.

The investigation found that the suspect and victim got into a verbal altercation on Aug. 25, during which the suspect displayed a firearm and shot the victim, police said in a statement. The investigation is on-going, the statement said.

Chandam’s mother, Suniti Devi, who is in Imphal, told the media that Chandam went to Southern Virginia University and graduated in December of 2013 with a degree in business management and leadership and worked with a financial consulting firm after completing his studies. She said the incident could be a robbery case, as the suspect was never seen with him before.

The family found out about his death the next day through his boss. A family friend in Virginia is helping them in bringing the body to India, she said. Chandam was a star tennis player who played for men’s tennis coach Tony Caputo from 2010-12. “Shaolin was one of the best-skilled, most competitive players that have played here,” coach Caputo said in an SUV press release. “He was a fine player and student who loved Southern Virginia University.”

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