AAPI Members Elect New Leadership For 2023-24 And Beyond

(Chicago, IL: April 16, 2023) “Congratulations and best wishes to the new team of AAPI leadership, who have been elected to lead AAPI in the coming years,” Dr. Ravi Kolli, President of AAPI, and Chief Election Officer Dr. Kusum Punjabi and Past BOT Chair of AAPI, jointly announced here today. “We thank the election officers Dr. Ashok Jain, Dr. Sunita Kanumury, Dr. Sharad Lakhanpal, and  Dr. Shashi Shah, and all the members of AAPI for participating in the democratic election process and exercising their role as the electoral college members.”

While thanking the tens of thousands of Indian American physicians, who are active members of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), and the record number of large number voters who participated in the election process, Dr. Kolli said, “We have successfully concluded our elections for the year 2023-24 for AAPI leadership positions. We want to thank AAPI members who enthusiastically participated in the AAPI’s electronic voting process and have elected a new, diverse, balanced, and experienced team to lead AAPI, the largest ethnic medical organization in the United States in the coming year and beyond.”

Dr. Kusum Punjabi, Chief Election Officer – 2023, who along with the election committee conducted the elections and counting process in the virtual presence of all the candidates and their representatives communicated the results of the election to the AAPI president to be released to all the members of AAPI and noted that  Dr. Amit Chakrabarty has been elected as the Vice President of AAPI, Dr. Sumul Raval was elected as the Secretary, and  Dr. Sreeni Gangasani was elected Treasurer of AAPI for the year 2023-24.

Dr. Syamala Erramilli, Dr. Hetal Gor, and Dr. Narendra Maheshwari have been elected to the AAPI’s Board of Trustees for a three-year term. Dr. Vijay Gunuganti has been elected as the South West Central Regional Director of AAPI, and Dr. Anuradha Mann will be the new Regional Director of AAPI’s South East Central Region.

“As the incoming President of AAPI, I would like to congratulate my incoming new team for the fiscal year 2023-24,” said Dr. Anjana Samadder, who will assume charge as the President of AAPI during the 41st annual convention in Philadelphia, PA in July this year. “I’m very honored and consider myself fortunate to be bestowed with the responsibility of leading the four-decades-old strong organization with the cooperation and collaboration of an excellent team of dedicated, hardworking, and loyal officers and executive committee members who are with me to take AAPI to newer heights,” she added.

Dr. Sammader did not have to contest the election this year, as she has been serving as the President-Elect during the past year. Dr. Satheesh Kathula, who has been serving as the Vice President in the current year also did not have to face elections, as he automatically becomes the President-Elect of AAPI for the coming year.

Dr. Anjana Samadder, the only 5th woman president of AAPI in its 41 years long history, will have a dynamic and diverse team comprising of Dr. Satheesh Kathula as the President-Elect, Dr. Amit Chakrabarty as the Vice President; Dr. Sumul Raval as the Secretary; Dr. Sreeni Ganagasani as the Treasurer; and Dr. Lokesh Edara – as the Chair, Board of Trustees; Dr. Ravi Kolli will continue to guide AAPI as the Immediate Past President of AAPI.

Dr. Lokesh Edara will serve as the Chair of the AAPI Board of Trustees for the year, 2023-24. “As the BOT Chair, I am looking forward to working towards strengthening the goals and mission of AAPI and to help make AAPI a healthcare leader in the US and globally and work in the best interests of our Physicians and our community here in the US and serve our motherland, India,” said Dr. Edara. “We will work together to promote our values of professionalism, collegiality, and excellence in patient care and enhance AAPI’s reputation as a premier professional organization offering educational programs and advocacy.”

While congratulating the newly elected leaders to the Executive Committee, Dr. Kathula, the President-Elect in 2023-24 said here in a statement: “I want to congratulate all the winners of the election. I want to especially thank all the candidates for their passion and dedication to serving AAPI and regardless of the outcome, we need you as a valuable team member of our beloved AAPI.”

Dr. Amit Chakrabarty, who won the election to be the next Vice President of AAPI, said, “I am humbled and honored to be bestowed with this responsibility. Thank you all for your support and for making my 25 years quest come true.  I thank all for believing in me.  I will work to the fullest of my abilities to reach our goals, address the challenges, and advance the issues important to our members. I look forward to working with you and making AAPI a powerful force. I am a live example that dreams do come true with dogged perseverance, dedication, and loyalty to AAPI.”

Dr. Sumula Raval, Secretary-Elect of AAPI said, “It is with great joy and gratitude that I stand before you today as the newly elected Secretary of AAPI for the year 2023-2024. I am humbled by the overwhelming support and trust you have placed in me, and I am deeply honored to serve this esteemed organization in such a significant role. I am committed to building upon past achievements and leading AAPI with integrity, transparency, and innovation. I will focus on promoting diversity and inclusion in healthcare, advocating for the needs of our members, and fostering collaboration. Let us continue to work hand in hand to make a positive impact on healthcare and uphold the values of AAPI.”

Dr. Sreeni Gangasani, the newly elected Treasurer of AAPI said, “I am thrilled and deeply humbled to have been elected as AAPI Treasurer for 2023-24. It is an honor to have your trust and confidence in me to help manage the finances of this fantastic organization. I promise to uphold the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and integrity in managing our finances. I will work to ensure that our resources are used effectively to further our mission of promoting excellence in patient care, research, and education. I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for our organization.”

Dr. V. Ranga, the outgoing BOT Chair thanked the Election Committee for their meticulous planning and organizing the elections with integrity and fairness. He said, “I congratulate the winners and the new leadership who are entrusted with the responsibility of leading AAPI in the year 2023-24 and beyond. I wish them the very best and my wholehearted support.”

While conceding the election to Dr. Amit Chakrabarty to be the next Vice President of AAPI, Dr. Krishan Kumar said, “Thank you so much for supporting me all these years.  I am glad to see the healthy spirit of all candidates (winners or not) for the association.” In his message, Dr. Raj Bhayani, while conceding the election said, “I am thankful to my supporters who gave me their precious vote honoring my many years of service for AAPI.”

Dr. Sujeeth Punnam in his message to the elected leaders, said, “Congrats to all the winners. We sacrifice time from family, practice, and resources to work in this great organization. The only reward is the ultimate feeling that we are contributing to the greater good of Indian physicians in the US and humankind in general. I wish Dr. Sumul Raval the best of luck as he moves forward with his new responsibility.” Dr. Mukesh Nigam in his congratulatory note to Dr. Gangasani and all the winners, said, “I will continue to serve this great association, AAPI. AAPI is a big family full of talented people.  I cherish every moment of being part of it.”

The growing influence of physicians of Indian heritage is evident, as increasingly physicians of Indian origin hold critical positions in healthcare, academic, research, and administrative positions across the nation. We the physicians of Indian origin are proud of our great achievements and contributions to our motherland, India, our adopted land, the US, and in a very significant way to the transformation of Indo-US relations.

Serving 1 in every 7 patients in the US, AAPI members care for millions of patients every day, while several of them have risen to hold high-flying jobs, shaping the policies and programs, and inventions that shape the landscape of healthcare in the US and around the world.

“Since its inception in 1982, AAPI has been at the forefront, representing a conglomeration of more than 125,000 practicing physicians in the United States, seeking to be the united voice for the physicians of Indian origin. I trust and believe that the new Team under Dr. Anjana Samadder will continue the noble mission and strengthen our efforts to make AAPI reach greater heights,” said Dr. Ravi Kolli.  For more details about AAPI, please visit: www.appiusa,org

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