South Asia’s Most Cutting-Edge Artists To Be Featured In New York

Even as artists of color begin to gain a foothold in the upper echelons of the art world, naming widely celebrated Asian diasporic artists with cemented legacies in the art historical canon remains challenging. Oftentimes, it feels as though we’re constantly excavating long overlooked or ignored artistic practices. 

Some of the rising artists of the Asian diaspora are currently based in the United States. Many of these artists have been experiencing substantial career momentum in recent months, exhibiting in art institutions or international biennials one after the other. Some have honed their craft and bypassed educational barriers, exhibiting in solo shows at leading galleries without an MFA, and sometimes even without a BFA.

Techné Disruptors, an upcoming exhibition from the Global South that will focus on works by South Asia’s most cutting-edge artists will be held in New York for 3 long weeks starting September 12. Along with it, the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF), New York is also set to commence on the same day. 

Curated by curator Myna Mukherjee, the exhibition will showcase some of South Asia’s leading artists. The works that will be displayed are hand-picked from NFT (Non-fungible token) collections and are curated by international curator and cultural producer Myna Mukherjee at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi, with the support of the American Center & Italian Embassy Cultural Center.

The exhibition begins with the opening panel for the Jaipur Literature Festival in New York City titled ‘State of the Contemporary: NFTs and the Global South’. There will also be panel discussions and participation from mainstream institutions, including MIT Media Labs, MoMa Web3 and Polygon Studios. Mukherjee, an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, is a trained Odissi dancer, cultural producer and curator, speaking about the exhibition.

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