IAPC Expresses Condolences To Dr. Ajay Lodha Family

(New York, NY: November 24, 2020) Indian history showcases the bravery of Rajput Kings and Warriors who had contained the Mugal conquest in Northern India. Every child in India was proud of Rana Pratap Singh, who successfully resisted the Mughal emperor Akbar’s efforts to conquer his kingdom and is honored as a hero in Rajasthan.
“This week the Indian Physician community in the USA lost our own Rajput Warrior, our beloved Dr. Ajay Lodha, in the fight against COVID-19,” Dr. Joseph Chalil, Chairman of Indo-American Press Club (IAPC) said. “The members of the Indo-American Press Club are shocked at the sudden passing away of Dr. Ajay Lodha, and want to express our sincere condolences to his family. Dr. Lodha was a great friend, and his family has been exceptionally warm and welcoming whenever I was invited to their house in New York. We at IAPC are saddened and shocked at the sudden demise of a close friend.”
Describing Dr. Lodha as a true hero and Covid-warrior, who sacrificed his own life while caring for the people diagnosed with the deadly virus during the early days of the pandemic, Dr. Chalil said, “We mourn his death and pray for his soul.”
Dr. Ajay Lodha passed away on November 21st, 2020 after fighting COVID valiantly for the last eight months. Dr. Lodha, diagnosed with Covid in March this year, had Lung Transplant at the Cleveland Clinic in early August. While he continued to make progress over the past few months, he succumbed to the deadly virus at the Cleveland Clinic, surrounded by his wife, Smita, and his son Amit and daughter Shreya.
“We were honored to have Dr. Lodha at the IAPC induction ceremony in New York in 2016 where he was gracious to shower praises on the role of media,” said Ginsmon Zachariah, founder Chairman of IPAC, who had organized the event, which was attended by several community leaders. “We will miss his inspiring presence,” he added.
“Having known and worked with him for several years, it is heartbreaking to learn about the passing away of Dr. Ajay Lodha,” said Ajay Ghosh, Founder President of IAPC. “Unassuming in demeanor, full of energy, with creative ideas, generous and genuine, he was an inspiring leader, who dedicated his life to the people he was committed to serve. Members of the Indian American media, the fraternity of physicians, and the Indian American Community have lost a dynamic leader. Our heartfelt condolences to his dear wife Smita and his son Amit and daughter Shreya.”  
A past president of national AAPI, Dr. Ajay Lodha was well known in the community and among his Fellow Physicians as a leader with a powerhouse of entrepreneurial skills. Dr. Lodha had an extensive background in overseeing quality assurance and quality improvement. He was a past president of RANA and RAJ­MAAI (Rajasthan Medical Alumni Associ­ation Inc.), Police Surgeon with Nassau County PBA and Director, of Research De­partment at Flushing Hospital, NY. 
A past President of AAPIQLI, Dr. Lodha was a former Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Caritas Health Care System representing St. John’s Hospital and Mary Immaculate Hospital in New York. Dr. Ajay Lodha was appointed a member of the Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos’s MWBE Advisory Council in 2015. 
The New York-based physician and leader, who was honored with the prestigious Ellis Island Medals of Honor in 2016, rose through the ranks of AAPI and served as the President of AAPI in 2015-16. He is a recipient of the Lawrence J. Scherr Award of Excellence for being an Outstanding Physi­cian. He has also been honored for Out­standing Contributions to Research the & Hypertension Department at the Flushing Hospital, NY. In 2008, he was bestowed with the Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation Physician of the Year Award.

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