IAPC Board of Directors for 2020-21 Announced

IAPC Board of Directors for 2020-21 Announced

INDO AMERICAN PRESS CLUB, Inc. (IAPC) has announced the  Board of Directors for the year 2020-21. Dr. Joseph .M.  Chalil will serve and lead IAPC, the largest ethnic Indian American media forum, formed in 2013 to provide a common platform and to be the voice for media personnel of Indian origin, and to help shape the world to be world that is fair, just and equitable for the all today and future generations.

IAPC DIRECTOR BOARD (2)Dr. Mathew Joys is the Vice Chairman and Mathewkutty Easow is the Board Secretary. Other members of the Board of Directors include: Kamlesh Mehta, Ajay Ghosh, Parveen Chopra, Dr. P.V Baiju, Thomas Mathew(Anil), Ginsmon P Zacharia, Korason Varghese, Mini Nair and Thampanoor Mohan.

Prof. Joseph M. Chalil, MD, MBA, FACHE, Cofounder and Publisher of The Universal News Network, www.theunn.com, has been selected to be the Chairman, Board of Directors of Indo-American Press Club (IAPC), for a two year term, leading the organization to newer heights. Dr. Chalil, an author of several scientific and research papers in international publications, is the Chairman of Healthcare Advisory Board and an Adjunct Professor at H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Nova Southeastern University in Florida and is a member of the Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine (NSU MD) Executive Leadership Council, in Florida.

Dr. Chalil holds several US Patents, and is an expert in US Healthcare policy and a strong advocate for patient centered care.A recipient of the prestigious AAPI National Presidential Awards in 2015 and 2013 AAPI New York President’s Award, Dr. Chalil was recognized and honored with the 2013 Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award. After completing his studies in India, Dr. Chalil immigrated to the United States, and had his higher studies in Medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Davenport University, and JJM Medical College.

 Dr. Mathew Joys is a founding member of IAPC and a well- known journalist and columnist. His career began in India at the Finance department of the Indian Government and extended his abilities to be the Rotract/Rotary club Director and National General Secretary of Employees federation (NTC) in India. He is also a Creative author and authored many books including the ‘Oh My Beloved’ an interpretation of the Song of Songs in the Bible,  and ‘ American Aadukal’ (the Goats of America) are the few. He is the Executive Editor for the JAIHINDVARTHA Newspaper from NY and Associate Editor for Express Herald and editorial board member for the NERKAZHCHA Weekly from Houston.

Kamlesh Mehta is a Long Island based media entrepreneur, senior Rotarian, community leader, businessman and philanthropist. Hailing from a prominent Jain family in Rajasthan, he started his diamond trading business in Bombay in 1985  before migrating to New York in 1986 to set up an expansive business of rare  gemstones and diamonds. He delved into the media business in 2008, founding The South Asian Times, an award winning leading weekly newspaper for the community. Ventures of his Forsythe Media group include The Asian Era, a lifestyle magazine.

In January 2010, Mehta was appointed to the Nassau County administration to the prestigious position of Director of Business and Economic Development, where he served for over five years.

In September 2009 Mr Mehta became the Charter President of the Rotary Club of Hicksville South. He rose in the international organization to serve as Governor of RI District 7255 in the year 2015-16.

Parveen Chopra is a journalist serving the community for three decades. He is the editor of the New York based The South Asian Times weekly newspaper, and “One World Under God’ interfaith journal. With postgraduate degree in mass communication from Punjab University in Chandigarh, he has worked for India Today magazine and founded a spiritual magazine called Life Positive from New Delhi. He is a trained teacher of Transcendental Meditation and yoga.

Ajay Ghosh, the Chief Editor of Universal News Network, came to the United States to pursue his higher studies in Journalism in 1997 and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the School of Journalism at Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI. Having a Master’s Degree in Social Work, he worked as a freelance writer on social issues for numerous publications in Delhi and had worked as the Chief Editor of The Voice Delhi.

In the United States, starting as a reporter for India Post, he worked as the New York Bureau Chief of Indian Reporter and World News and had worked as the New York Bureau Chief of India Tribune, a weekly newspaper, published from Chicago. Ajay had served as the Executive Editor of NRI Today and was the North American Bureau Chief of The Indian Express, North American Editions. Ajay serves as the Media Consultant of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI). In December 2019, he was part of a nearly 200 member expedition to Antarctica, the 7th Continent on Earth.

In addition, Ajay taught Social Work Seminar and guided students at the Graduate School of Social Work, Fordham University in New York City from 2006 to 2016. He was an Adjunct Professor at Bridgeport University. At present, he works as a Psychiatric Social Worker at Yale New Haven Hospital and serves as a Social Worker at Hartford Health At Home. Ajay had served as the founder President of Indo-American Press Club in 2014. In 2015, Ajay was honored with Excellence in Reporting Award by American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. Ajay received the Excellence Award in 2018 from NAMAM, a North American Community organization that fosters collaboration and education among members of the Indian American community.

 Mathewkutty Easow is a well known Media personality and an experienced Columnist in the Indian American community. He is currently serving as the Vice-chairman for the “JaiHindVartha” USA edition. Mathewkutty is the bureau chief of the Global Reporter New York. He has written on many recognized topics to the Indian community to bring out the truth in a world of information. Prior to immigrating to USA, he had served in the Govt. of India, Central Excise & Customs Department.

Dr. P.V. Baiju comes from the profession of professors and columnists. He has brought out the many avenues of Canadian Indians’ struggles to the world in a profound way. His media work in Canada was recognized as the Organon for Canadian Indians. His regular column “akkare ikkare” in JAIHINDVARTHA detailing the issues of Indo Canadian community is well received worldwide. He works as Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work  at the MacCowen University, Alberta Canada.

Thomas Mathew (Anil) is a well- known photo Journalist in the USA and one of the founding members of the IAPC organization, served in the National Committee and as its National  Treasurer.

Ginsmon P Zacharia is the Founding Chairman of IAPC. He is also the MD of the Global Reporter channel and contributed many relevant topics to the generation. He is the CEO and Publisher of Asian Era and  Aksharam magazines. He worked at the management team for “The South Asian Times” and he was the Bureau Chief  for DEEPIKA in EUROPE for 16 years,  which was the GRAND entry to his  journey in the media industry.

Ginsmon produced the BLOCKBUSTER Reality show on Jaihind TV while crisscrossing the nation and broadcast it in 250 episodes. This program allowed many singers to bring out their talents to the Mainstream. In 2018, he was awared with the prestigious Achievement Award in Journalism by The Kerala Center in New York.

Karson Varghese is a Columnist and Editor of Jai Hind News. He has shown his proven media skills while working as the general secretary at IAPC and P R O of the Y’s Men international . His LIVE media one on one interviews have touched many lives, streamed through “Valkkannadi” segments of the Kalavedi.

Mini Nair is a well-known media personality in India and North America. She is one of the founding members of IAPC and earlier served on the National Executive Committee. She has profound experience  in digital and visual media and  has worked with many recognized TV channels such as Doordarshan, India Vision, Surya TV, Asia Net, and Kairali TV. She is specialized in conducting Talk shows, Live programs, Scripting, and has anchored more than 2500 episodes during the last 25 Years. She has a Degree in Law and Diploma in Journalism from the University of Kerala.  Mini was the president of the IAPC Atlanta chapter in 2019 and earlier served as its Advisory Board Member.

Thampanoor Mohan comes from the print, digital and visual media background and has served for the last 45 years in India and North America.  In India He has been a leading coordinator in the publications of ‘Rural Information Bureau’ . He is a well known photographer, writer and philanthropist among Indian community. He was instrumental in telecasting Malayalam Programs for the first time from North America through Kairali TV.  His strong dedication to the community is demonstrated being one of the founding organizers for KCABC and Vancouver  Malayali Samajam. His contributions in establishing IAPC and its Chapters in Canada are enormous. He is the Regional Director of JaihindVartha Canadian edition, he has been the Media Coordinator  for the Namasthe Canada program sponsored by the Consulate General of India, Vancouver,BC.  He is the producer of “Canadian Connections”. He is now serving as the National Coordinator for Global Reporter channel.

Indo American Press Club (IAPC) is the fast growing syndicate of print, visual, online, and electronic media journalists and other media related professionals of Indian origin working in the United States, Canada, and Europe. IAPC is committed to enhance the working conditions of our journalists, exchanging ideas and offering educational and training opportunities to our members, aspiring young journalists and media professionals around the globe; and also by honoring media people for their excellence, and for bringing in positive changes through their dedicated service among the community. Today IAPC envisages its vision through collective efforts and advocacy activities through its 12 Chapters across the US and Canada, in the larger public sphere. For more information, please visit: https://indoamericanpressclub.com/

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