50,000 Expected at “Howdy, Modi!” in Houston

50,000 Expected at “Howdy, Modi!” in Houston

Nearly 50,000 attendees are expected to attend “Howdy, Modi!” event on Sunday, September 22 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, organizers of the spectacular event say. They will get to see “Woven: The Indian-American Story,” a 90 minute cultural program that is a celebration of Indian-Americans and their contributions to the cultural, intellectual, and social landscape of the United States.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting the United States to address the United Nations General Assembly next week and will be visiting Houston address the event.

Presented by the Texas India Forum, Woven is a 90-minute music, dance, and multimedia show featuring close to 400 artists and community members from Texas and across the nation. There are 27 groups performing in a seamless live and multimedia experience that will showcase the diversity in the Indian-American community. Two original songs have been written for the program, which will trace the journey of Indian-American youth learning their roots to understanding how to put that together with the contemporary world.

“A challenge that many second and third generation Indian-Americans go through is navigating the complexity of having a hyphenated identity as an Indian and an American. Woven showcases the multiplicity of Indian-American experience. Our hope is that each person sees themselves in at least one form of expression and recognizes that whatever mix of Indian and American they are, it is just right,” said Heena Patel, CEO of MELA Arts Connect and co-producer of the program.

The show will also shine a light on unsung heroes in the Indian-American community who have undertaken selfless acts benefiting the broader American community without any need of recognition. From the classical and folk traditions passed on in basements across America to the creative exchange between Eastern and Western arts and ideas, Woven illuminates the stories of generations of Indian Americans and snapshots of home, and builds on the theme of “Shared Dreams, Bright Futures” that is the foundation of the event.

“We really look forward to presenting this unique and interesting cultural show at the event, which will tell the story of our community in a way that’s never really been done before. We want all the attendees and those watching from home to connect with a program that shows the Indian-American community and understand what drives our community to be part of the larger American experience,” said Gitesh Desai, spokesperson for the event.

The Texas India Forum, Inc. (TIF) is a not-for-profit organization that encourages cooperation between the United States and India, advancing the shared values of democracy, inclusive economic development, and mutual respect. TIF brings together Indian-American organizations and institutions to encourage collaboration within the region and expand opportunities for engagement with India.

For more information about the “Howdy, Modi!” community summit, please visit www.howdymodi.org. Texas India Forum 12600 Cardinal Meadow Dr. Sugar Land, Texas 77478 832.356.MODIinfo@howdymodi.org www.howdymodi.org

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