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Ever wondered what makes some of the world’s most beautiful diamonds special? Expert gemmologists at the Forevermark Diamond Institute, utilise over 125 years of expertise alongside advanced technology, to select and grade diamonds that are rare, responsibly sourced and among the most beautiful in the world.

The Forevermark Diamond Institute based in Surat (India), Maidenhead (UK) and Antwerp (Belgium) use proprietary grading equipment developed by De Beers Research and Development Group to asses each diamond according to strict criteria and the highest standards of integrity, accuracy and consistency. Diamonds go through a rigorous 17-step process with Forevermark’s graders making optimal use of exclusive state of the art equipment, specially developed over many years by De Beers including colour machines, synthetic and treatment detection instruments including DiamondSure™, DiamondView™, and DiamondPlus™.

Forevermark’s procedures ensure that every diamond is evaluated no less than five times to meet the Forevermark standard – evaluation criteria go beyond the traditional 4Cs of Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight because Forevermark knows that for two diamonds with the same 4Cs one will be more beautiful. Forevermark’s graders test to make sure that the diamond is natural and has not been subjected to any artificial treatments. They also test each diamond’s cut is precise enough to result in both outstanding symmetry and durability, whilst its polish has a high degree of transparency to reflect and refract light. The selection process, is so exacting and rigorous, that less than 1% of the world’s diamonds will pass the Forevermark test and standards. Only once they have will a grader personally approve each exclusive Forevermark Grading Report before a diamond is inscribed with the Forevermark icon and individual number.

A Forevermark Diamond Grading Report complements the unique promise, of a beautiful Forevermark Diamond, revealing each diamond’s exquisite and rare characteristics. Authorised Forevermark Jewellers are able to provide a Forevermark Grading Report to their customers. The report features the unique identification number inscribed on the diamond and a specifically designed Forevermark Diamond Institute hologram, providing reassurance that the Grading Report is valid and genuine.

It is little wonder that the Forevermark Diamond Institute in Surat, a world-class diamond grading centre characterised by skill, innovation and the effective use of state of the art technology is trusted to grade beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced diamonds, which must be graded to the highest and most exacting standards. For more information and to find your nearest Forevermark Jeweller offering Forevermark Grading Reports, go to www.forevermark.com

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