Chicago Andhra Association celebrates “Samskrutika Dinotsavam”

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Chicago IL: Chicago Andhra Association (CAA) celebrated “Andhra Pradesh Samskrutika Dinotsavam” on October 16th which stole hearts and minds of Telugu people portraying the unity, rich cultural heritage and service to the humanity. HTGC temple auditorium was packed to its capacity with more than 800 people for the event completely focused on the grass root culture of Andhra and Rayalaseema regions.

CAA’s team added color to the function by men wearing Dhothis and women in enchanting sarees. Skillfully decorated stage by Dr. Bhargavi Nettem with help from Kiran Vankayalapati, Sunitha Rachapalli, Malleswari Pedamallu, Pavitra Karumuri and Raj Potluri is all set for a grand show. It started with ‘Deepa prajwalana’ amidst of veda mantralu. Sahithi Kotha, Sireesha Kola of Cultural Committee with the help of Neelima Boddu welcomed the audience and initiated the programs with Ganesha Pancharatna Kruthi “Mudakarartha Modakam” followed by a patriotic item choreographed by Lakshminag Suribhotla. Audience were welcomed in a Kuchipudi classical style with “Swagatham” choreographed by Pavani Koduri. Andhra Janapadam was depicted on the stage thru a nrutyam choreographed by Srivani Vokkarane. “Telugammai” is another one not to be missed.

US Congressman Bill Foster was emotionally touched and made to rise for a standing ovation to “Amaravathi Geetam”, the epitome of Andhra Pradesh state, depicting the rich cultural heritage. Choreographer Jyothi Vangara helped Board Director Vani Dittakavi in bringing this concept to reality with a large number of young dancers along with CAA team members playing roles of renowned Andhra personalities. “Mohini basmasura, a semi classical dance drama by Kousalya Velagapudi and Eswari Jagarapu, titillated crowd to the core. “Sajeevanadulu”, a mesmerizing item about the linkage of the holy rivers with our lives was portrayed in a rich classical way for which Smt.Kamala Chimata and Vani deserves special credits. Other scintillating items include “Jaya Jaya Swamin” by Janaki Anandavalli Nair, “Natesha Kowtwam” by Asha Acharya Adiga captured undivided attention from audience.

Youth Director Sandhya Appalaneni presented “Endaro Mahanubhavulu” as a series items throughout the program introducing several eminent personalities from Andhra region by young boys and girls. “NRI Paatlu” a hilarious comedy play made the viewers burst into laughter. Other riveting performances such as “Rama Rama” song, Kids Keys, medleys hooked the audience to their seats all the time. Sujatha Appalaneni Cultural Chair and Events committee chair Dr. Uma Katiki expressed their happiness about the overall execution of the programs.

Sundar Dittakavi, President of the organization, explained the objectives, core values and uniqueness of the organization with diversified Board structure and leadership. In continuation Andhra Pradesh Development Forum of North America (APDFNA) Executive Director Padma Rao Appalaneni explained the various flagship programs undertaken by CAA in AP, Bhanu Swargam, Assistant Executive director explained how 25% of membership contributions are leveraged for the developmental activities and appreciated their key team members Karthik Desai and Srihari Jasti for initiating great projects at their hometowns.

Founders Committee Chairman Srinivas Pedamallu explained the CAA’s identifier having board with equal participation of men and women supplemented with youth and senior citizen directors. He also highlighted about alternate male and female Presidents running the organization every year. President Sundar Dittakavi introduced Board Directors and Executive Committee followed by Vice President Dr. Uma Katiki introducing Committees chairs and Co-Chairs. Treasurer Raghav Jatla, Board directors, Hema Tatineni, Tanvi Sri Jatla with help from Srikrishna Matukumalli, Shailesh Maddi, Karthik Desai, Bhuvana explained the benefits of CAA membership while overseeing the Membership desk. Masters of the ceremony, Youth Director Sandhya Appalaneni and Bhanu Chander maintained the smooth flow of the programs. One of the founders, Ramesh Garapaty and Board Directors Hema Tatineni and Sairavi Suribhotla helped with all activities including engaging youth volunteers. Some of the comments from the attendees include “Best programs after several years”.

Sumptuous Andhra food including delicacies such as andhra laddu, Gutti vankaya kura, punugulu and dosavakai were served to the guests under the supervision of Board Director Anu Gampala and food committee lead Suresh Sanakkayala. Dinkar Karumuri, Secretary thanked all the members, sponsors and all others who supported the event for the grand success and requested to stay tuned to for upcoming schedule and day ended with group singing of “Jana Gana Mana”

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