Parth Bharwad Making a Run for Cupertino, California, City Council

Parth Bharwad with his father Jakshi Bharwad and Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton

Parth Bharwad, a teenager in Cupertino, Calif., has joiond the race to win a city council seat to instill a youthful voice and bring a fresh perspective into the city’s government. According to reports, Parth Bharwad, 19, announced he is running for the council seat in the city he’s called home for the past eight years. Currently a sophomore at Cupertino-based De Anza College, majoring in political science and finance, the young Indian American believes he can change the landscape of the city.

“I believe that you are never too young to make a difference in your community,” he wrote on his webpage. “Since my freshman year of high school, I have been active in the community through volunteering and club activities. I was treasurer and then president of Monta Vista’s Indo-American Student Association and have helped raise over $15,000 for non-profit organizations. We hosted multiple events throughout the Bay Area and at Monta Vista which is how we raised the money. We brought together hundreds of students for cultural dance events, concerts, and talent shows,” he added.

His campaign themes include three fundamental issues: youth empowerment; smart energy; and growth & development.  “Cupertino is famous for many things, but what generally tops the list if being the headquarter of Apple Inc. Apple is building a wonderful new campus in Cupertino that is going to bring thousands of new jobs to the city. I believe that growth and development is key for Cupertino but has to be done with proper planning and execution. I have laid out my views on growth and development including support and reservations on various projects,” he says.

“The youth in Cupertino are some of the finest students across the United States with outstanding school ranking and test scores. I believe that local government should be more involved in providing students with the right opportunities to grow and explore in their field of choice,” the teen candidate says. “Protecting the environment is a job that everybody on this Earth has. Similar to how we clean our homes and ensure they are in the best condition, we have to make sure that our planet Earth is taken care of as well. I believe that the first step in protecting the environment is to be aware of the issues. Cupertino is already doing a great job at protecting the enviroment and we need to continue to support eco-friendly initiatives.”

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