NRI Couple Found Dead In Texas

Neeta Kharabanda

Neeta Kharabanda, 58 and her husband Anil Kharabanda, 62, an Indian-American couple in Southlake, Texas, were found dead in their home April 12, in what police describe as a murder-suicide. Local news reports said that Neeta had filed divorce twice before this gruesome incident took place last week.

According to media reports, a Dec. 20, 2014 photo on the husband’s Facebook account shows a happy couple, with the words “Together Forever.” But on April 12, Anil Kharabanda, according to Southlake police, shot his wife to death in their bedroom and turned the gun upon himself, reported. While the time of death is not given, a family member discovered the bodies around 2 pm and called police.

Fissures appeared to have occurred in the relationship more than 20 years into the marriage which took place in 1980. Neeta Kharabanda submitted petitions for divorce in 2003 and again in 2011, but in both cases filed papers saying she did not want to pursue the case. Anil Kharabanda’s LinkedIn profile shows he was an “Independent Insurance Professional” in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

“Preliminary evidence indicates that the male shot the female and then himself,” a written statement from Southlake police is quoted saying in news reports. shows the couple lived in Saint Paul, Minnesota before moving to Southlake, Texas.

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