Ashoka’s Asha Aravindakshan Wins Prestigious Constellation SuperNova Award for Leadership in Disruptive Technology

Ashoka’s Asha Aravindakshan Wins Prestigious Constellation SuperNova Award for Leadership in Disruptive Technology

Constellation Research, Inc. the research and advisory firm helping clients dominate digital disruption awarded Asha Aravindakshan, Operations Director for Global Talent at Ashoka with a SuperNova Award for her leadership in disruptive technology adoption. The Constellation SuperNova Awards are the first and only awards to celebrate the leaders and teams who have overcome the hurdles of technology adoption to successfully introduce emerging and disruptive technologies to their organizations. In the Future of Work category, Constellation looks for companies implementing the processes and technologies addressing the rapidly shifting work paradigm.

“The leadership demonstrated by each of the SuperNova Award winners is inspirational. Keep an eye on them—not only can these people keep up with the rapid pace of technological change, they can lead entire organizations to follow these changes,” said R “Ray” Wang, Chairman and Founder of Constellation Research Inc. “These are the leaders who are making the promise of technology a reality for the enterprise and consequently, the rest of society.”

Ashoka found itself in the familiar dilemma for growing companies: it had outgrown spreadsheets and paper intensive processes, compounded by the complexity of a global network of individual offices and homegrown systems.

Asha Aravindakshan
Asha Aravindakshan

Ashoka had already been using CRM and decided to implement the Salesforce-backed FinancialForce HCM in fall 2013. This allowed Ashoka to do away with its spreadsheet-based system and has provided many benefits and efficiencies.

“The “everyone a changemaker” world that we are living in requires new forms of leadership where transparency and participation are necessary elements,” commented Diana Wells, President of Ashoka. “FinancialForce HCM was a critical intervention that has allowed Ashoka to ensure we are modeling in our own organizational operations the very change we are seeking to accelerate in the world at large.”

It is now possible for Ashoka’s executive team to manage more than 400 team members in less time than had previously taken to manage just 20. There have also been gains in employee engagement—97 percent of staff finished their self-reviews in less than two months in 2015 and decisions on performance reviews are now considerable less time. also provided native integration with CRM, as it is built on the same underlying platform.

The Constellation SuperNova Award is a prestigious award that recognizes leaders who successfully and innovatively overcome the challenges of introducing new technologies to their organizations.

Ashoka’s Asha Aravindakshan Wins Prestigious Constellation SuperNova Award for Leadership in Disruptive TechnologyConstellation Research is a leading business research and advisory firm that helps clients transform business models with disruptive technologies and progressive strategies. Constellation caters to clients who have talent, influence, and vision. This community of successful senior business leaders excel and continue to advance in their careers.

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