Family of Medical Student Sues Concert Hall for Wrongful Death

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The family of a first-year Indian American medical resident who died in a fall last year at the Tralf Music Hall in Buffalo, N.Y., has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company, according to a report in The Buffalo News. After attending a concert at the hall, Rajan Verma, 28, decided to climb the second-floor bannister and slide down June 2, 2014. He completed the first leg of the bannister with another concertgoer but lost his balance on the second leg and fell to the ground. Verma succumbed to his injuries the next day.

The family of the deceased Verma subsequently has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the music hall, looking for at least $2.5 million, said the report. In the filing, the family alleges the club attached a sticky substance to the bannister to deter visitors from sliding down it. That sticky substance caused Verma to lose his balance, according to the family.

The lawsuit added that the music hall should anticipate concertgoers attempting to ride the bannister and should have safeguarded the staircase. A native of New Jersey, Verma was a graduate of St. John’s University, where he received a degree in biology, and later the American University of Antigua Medical School. He was in his first year of the University at Buffalo.

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