UISAC show on April 8th

UISAC is excited and proud to bring this brilliant show on April 8th that educates and engages our community in the social and cultural richness, as part of one of UISAC’s mission.

It has no language or cultural barrier, so it is enjoyable by all.

Do not miss out on this fabulous classical fusion show, performed by extremely talented artists from all over India (some of the artists with PhD in their art form).

UISAC, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, providing free services and activities in Carolinas, mainly for minorities, seniors, immigrants, refugee citizens etc., is proud to bring you this show as part of its fundraiser effort.
We request everyone to generously support this local charity organization, and come watch a fabulous fusion show on the rich cultural Heritage of India – ‘Bharat Darsan’, a Soorya Festival show

Date/Time: April 8th Friday from 6:30pm
Location: Elevation Blakeney Auditorium,  Charlotte, NC
Tickets – Silver-$20, Gold-$40, Platinum $60 and VIP- $100

UISAC show on April 8thGet your tickets ASAP if you haven’t.

For tickets contact:


Or tickets can be purchased here directly using the below link (additional fee applies)


More details:

UISAC is one of the AARP 2015 MultiCultural Outreach Award Winners

Soorya is a leading stage and film society in India, with its chapters in 36 countries worldwide.

Thank you,

You may read more Information about this awesome show on Charlotte Culture Guide