Jeanne Ives, Candidate for US Congress, visits Aimtron Corporation Commends its ‘Made-in-America’ initiatives and commitment

Chicago IL: The COVID-19 pandemic is tightening its grip and as per the Federal Reserve estimate, the worst of the damage is yet to come. As America grapples with lay-offs in millions, the Aimtron Group is one exceptional American Tech conglomerate that is defying all odds and is on an expansion spree to fuel its Made-in-America dream.
 Jeanne Ives, candidate for US Congress, in her recent visit corroborated Aimtron’s new initiatives and commitment towards a stronger and brighter America.
 Ives, on her recent visit to Aimtron, reiterated the fact that it will be a joint responsibility of government and capable companies like Aimtron Systems, LLC to uplift the national economy. \ “Understanding that our national security is always at the forefront of keeping Americans safe and keeping our Economy going, I certainly, appreciate the work that you do on behalf of the Defense industry. What you are doing is incredibly detailed, technical, and important work.” Ives further commended the Vasani Family for Aimtron’s journey so far: “Mr. & Mrs. Vasani – look at what you’ve built and look at the opportunity you’ve given everybody here, and the services you’re providing to our nation are incredible…That’s what being American is about. That’s why you showed up at the age of 31 and built this incredible business. I appreciate the risk-taking that you’ve done in your life. I appreciate the education that you’ve given your children”.
 Aimtron Corporation was started by a young promising entrepreneur Mr. Mukesh Vasani. Vasani is the owner and CEO of Aimtron Corporation. He founded the company in 2009 with a vision of setting up a technology company dedicated to design and manufacturing of PCB assemblies. Today, Aimtron Corporation has diversified into 6 different group companies. Upon the visit from Ives, Vasani said, “Aimtron is committed towards supporting local manufacturing and increasing American employment. Aimtron’s journey is nothing but a fable of serving community and nation. Today, we have deployed world-class manufacturing processes and infrastructure. We are a strong family of experienced engineers who are geared-up to fulfill of our customers located across the globe. With support from government in form of favorable business policies and a conducive business environment, we are confident of achieving our objective.”
Aimtron Corporation is one of those few organizations who have gender neutral workplaces. The institution is purely based on merit. The ideology of hard work and equality forms the very genesis of Aimtron. No wonder, Aimtron Systems, the company’s military/defense division is headed by an inspiring young woman – Ms. Dhruti Vasani. Ms. Vasani, the managing director of Aimtron Systems is a perfect example of America’s youth full of confidence and drive to achieve the impossible. On the occasion of Ms. Ives visit, Ms. Vasani stressed upon cohesive working of government and corporations for promising futures. She further added, “We at Aimtron Systems are passionate towards supporting military/defense sector of our country. The uncertain times of COVID-19 are temporarily here to stay, but we are extremely enthusiastic and have deep faith in the bright future of Aimtron and America as whole.”
Aimtron Corporation today is catering to customers spread across the globe. Aimtron’s sales and marketing department is spearheaded by Mr. Abel Castillo and Mr. Joel Petersen. As a recently onboarded director of Sales & Marketing, Mr. Petersen serves as an example of Aimtron’s rapid growth. “At Aimtron we are driven by delivering quality in any pursuit that we venture into. May it be from understanding our customer’s requirements, to manufacturing, to delivering support, etc. Quality sets us apart. It is due to our obsession of delivering quality services, we have one of the industry’s lowest customer attrition ratios.” Mr. Petersen further corroborated, “Aimtron has the brilliant combination of positive energy, excellent leadership and knowledgeable workforce. Based out of Illinois, we are all geared up to cater to the global marketplace.”
The Aimtron group of companies has a wide spectrum of offering through its subsidiaries. Aimtron Systems is dedicated to making Mission Critical devices for American military & Aerospace assemblies. Aimtron’s sister company, American Pinball, produces highly sophisticated and entertaining pinball machines. Aimtron Corporation and Aimtron Electronics manufacture printed circuit board assemblies – the heart of any electronic product. Aimtron’s R&D division is dedicated to design and engineer a wide range of advanced products. Lastly, Aimtron Foundation is the not-for-profit arm of the company dedicated towards giving back to society.
Today, Aimtron is well on its way towards becoming a world-renown American conglomerate in the field of design, engineering, and manufacturing of high-quality electronics products. Backed by a strong workforce and favorable government, we are on the mission to take Made-in-America brand globally.

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