Know that when you practice social distancing, you are saying, “I Love you.” A Poem By Seema Govil

Know that when you wear a face covering, you are saying, “I care.for you”
Know that when you missed a special occasion, you are saying, “I am persevering.”
Know that when you feel inundated with additional work, you are thinking ” I am grateful for my health care professionals.”
Know that when you resist communicating your political convictions, and your robust immunity, you are  saying “I respect you, and I  saved a life, I might not ever meet.”
Know that when you sleep in the night, you are saying,’I have done everything possible to shield this community and this World’. 
Know that when you wake up in the morning, that you are a philanthropist “I am happy, I am doing my bit “
Know that you are more substantial than just you, your family, You are saying I am the World.”

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