Authentic Mutter Paneer Recipe

Authentic Mutter Paneer Recipe
This is a North Indian all-time-favourite curry recipe using paneer (Indian cottage cheese) and mutter (green peas) in a spiced tangy tomato gravy. Unlike many North Indian recipes of paneer, like paneer makhani (butter masala), shahi paneer,.etc., this recipe is lighter without the addition of milk or cream. It’s a must try recipe that’s quick and easy.
How I developed this recipe-
Authentic Mutter Paneer RecipePaneer is my sister’s favourite and whenever I ask her what she would like me to cook for her on Fridays(when my whole family eats only vegetarian food), she prefers mostly either paneer or mushrooms. As butter paneer is a famous dish in India and because my family is not a big fan of its creamy rich and sweet gravy, one day, I tried this modified recipe of mutter paneer with basic indian pantry ingredients and it became a great hit in my family.
What’s special about this recipe-
Authentic Mutter Paneer Recipe. Protein rich- Even though this is not a non-vegetarian dish, the combination of both paneer & green peas in this recipe adds the goodness of protein ,calcium , folate and many vitamins.
. Mildly spiced- Unlike many Indian curry dishes, this curry isn’t overly spiced or hot, but flavourful and tangy with a punch of cumin ,tangy tomatoes and fresh coriander.
What you’ll need-
. 250 g Paneer- cut into cubes
. Half cup green peas
. Vegetable oil- 2 tablespoon
. Ghee- 1 tablespoon
. 3 Red medium tomatoes ,chopped
. 1 Big red onion ,finely chopped
. 2 tablespoons chopped coriander
. Half teaspoon cumin seeds
. Half teaspoon coriander seeds (lightly crushed)
. 1 Inch grated ginger
. 4 Garlic cloves
. 2 green chillies, chopped
. Half teaspoon red chilli powder
. Half teaspoon turmeric powder
. Half teaspoon garam masala
. A pinch of sugar
. Salt to taste
How to make-
. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a pan and sauté garlic, green chillies ,half of the onion and tomatoes with few pinches of salt to taste.
. Cool it and blend into a fine purée.
. Heat ghee and shallow fry all sides of paneer cubes- carefully without breaking -until golden brown and charred a bit. Transfer to a dish.
. In the same pan heat rest of the oil and splutter cumin seeds. To this, add coriander seeds, rest of the chopped onion ,ginger and sauté well adding a pinch of salt.
. Now add the spice powder and sauté until the raw spell is gone.
. Stir in the puréed mix and cover and cook for 2 min.
. Stir in a pinch of sugar and half cup of water, when the curry starts boiling, adjust salt to taste and add paneer ,peas and sprinkle half of coriander. Cover and cook for 1 minute.
. Transfer into a bowl and sprinkle with rest of the chopped coriander. Serve hot.
Notes, tips & suggestions-
  • Do not over stir your curry after adding paneer, as you don’t want your paneer cubes to break and look like a mess.
  • Paneer cooks quite fast and so be careful to keep the flame from low-medium while browning the paneer cubes.
  • This is a humble curry that goes well with parathas ,phulkas and even a warm bowl of basmati rice.
  • If you want your curry to look more appetising and fancy, your could top it with a swirl of a tablespoon of fresh cream and a dollop of butter.

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