Shree Saini, Miss World America Washington Receives ‘World Peace Award’

Shree Saini, Miss World America Washington Receives ‘World Peace Award’
Shree Saini, the 23-year-old Indian American and anti-bullying activist, who was crowned Miss World America Washington, has been awarded the “World Peace Messenger” and “Most Admired Global Indian” awards by World Peace Diplomacy Organization recently during a glittering ceremony held in Los Angeles.
“Thank you for recognizing my humble work. Due to a prior commitment, I was unable to attend the event.  The Passion Vista Award is one such rare award that’s given to a chosen few, for the contribution they make for the betterment of our society,” Shree said in a statement.  “I feel very happy and honored to receive one of the prestigious awards as World Peace Messenger in LA. It’s God’s blessings and my mom behind my every moment of ups and downs and success. My parents support, love and blessings have brought me international recognition and achievements,” Saini added.
Saini, who has studied at Harvard, has been trained in acting at the Yale actors conservatory. The Punjab native, who moved to Washington when she was seven, experienced hardships while in high school, where she was bullied. For years, she said, she felt like an outcast at school for being a person of color. As a response, she created the website to educate people about her experiences.
“Shree has created an app on emotional heath at Stanford University. She has given hundreds of presentations in over 80 cities and six countries and written about 400 articles in newspapers on emotional fitness, via her non-profit,” said the magazine.
Shree says, “The best award is knowing that YOU made a POSITIVE difference in someone else’s life. A girl recently approached me after a talk and started crying. She mentioned that she had followed my journey for a while and felt encouraged to pursue her dreams, despite obstacles. I gave her a big HUG and started to tear up as well. WOW. Your positive words and actions do make a positive difference. Keep being EXTRA LOVING AND ENCOURAGING.
“I want to dedicate this award and this incident to God’s blessings and YOUR SUPPORT,” Shree said. “Passion Vista noticed my contributions and honored me with this international reorganization “World Peace Messenger Award”, in Los Angeles. Thanks to Bharat Godaria ji for nominating me for this great honor.  Bharat ji is a great friend of our family and shipped me this award and the medallion.”
Passion Vista’s content is Global, Provocative and Inclusive. An Exemplary marriage of luxury, lifestyle & business. Each year, Passion Vista honors people from different walks of life for the contributions they make for the betterment of the society. The award is given in recognition for all the hard work and dedication put by honorees into their respective fields of work.
Saini, who has been recognized by several organizations and states and world renowned persons for her work and is aspiring to be an actor, told this writer: “I am now “Miss World America Washington”, which is preliminary to Miss World America and Miss World! Miss World Titles have been won by Aishwarya Rai and Prinkay Chopra. It’s the largest and the most philanthropic pageant, having raised 1.3 billion dollars for charities around the world. And I want to promote the many charitable initiatives this noble organization does all around the world.”

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