Joyous celebration of 71st India Republic Day Anniversary in New York

Joyous celebration of 71st India Republic Day Anniversary in New York

India Republic Day Celebration by the Indian Overseas Congress, USA began with an elegant setting and color at the Sohna Punjab Restaurant on January 26, 2020 where a large gathering  of leaders of various local communities  as well as several elected political officials had joined the Indian diaspora,  to wish “Happy Republic Day” to one another and enjoy the splendid evening. Special appreciations were expressed to  Dr.Sam Pitroda ji, Mr. Himanshu Vyas ji. Mr. Anura Mathai ji, Mr. George Abraham ji and Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian ji.

Harbachan Singh, Secretary-General of IOC, USA spear-headed the event with a rendering of the Indian National Anthem sung by Amir Rashid in which all the audience participated solemnly with a deep sense of conviction, love and patriotism.  Everyone remained standing as Harbachan Singh next read the Preamble to the Constitution of India with the Indian diaspora guests repeating after him while some stood in attention with a salute. General Secretary Rajinder Dichpally loudly hailed “Bharat Mata ki Jai” giving vibrance to the meeting.

V.I.P. illumenaries included, New York State Senator John C. Liu , New York City Council Member Barry Grodenchik,  New York City Council Member Donovan Richards Jr.,  Democratic Leader Richard David, and several other community leaders who had joined the celebration.  They unanimously praised the joint efforts of the two largest Democracies in the world, India and the US, for collaborating and upholding the principles of Democracy,

Appreciating the significant contribution by the Indian Americans to the economic, social and legal components of USA, speaker after speaker also praised the great efforts of the Indian diaspora in maintaining the culture and customs of their homeland thereby enriching the mosaic composition and zest of the American people.

Prof. Indrajit Saluja believed that the present government must ensure that the provisions of the Indian Constitution were applied in a just and fair manner.  The local community leader from the Nepalese group, Mr. Somnath Ghimire, the Guyanese -American leader Albert Baldeo, the African-American Leader and Pastor Emmanuel Asse, the former Secretary of local DC 37 Trade Union, Ahmed Shakir, all spoke highly of their cordial and bustling inter-relationship with the

Indian community.  It was happily noted that India’s soft power attributes, like Yoga, Indian cinema, music and cuisine were unparalleled and it generated tremendous goodwill and support for India.

Other leaders who addressed the gathering included, Satish Sharma, Tejinder Singh Gill, Leela Maret, Amir Rasheed, Jose George,  Devendra Vora.  Dr. Jayeshkumar Patel, Gujrat Chapter President sent in sweets for the occasion for the guests, but he was unable to attend due to death in the family.  Sophia Sharma, General Secretary IOC, USA emceed the meeting and Malini Shah, Vice-President gave a vote of thanks and then opened the door to a sumptuous dinner that was awaiting all the invitees.  It was a truly befitting tribute for the Republic Day of India which was enjoyed by all.

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