AAP scores landslide victory in Delhi polls

AAP scores landslide victory in Delhi polls

The ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) scored a landslide victory in Delhi assembly elections for the second time in a row as it swept aside both BJP, which was again restricted to a single digit, and Congress which could not win a single seat.

AAP won 62 seats in the 70-member assembly, five seats short of its 2015 tally when it had won 67 seats. The BJP won eight seats, five more than its tally in the previous election. The Congress, which had failed to win a seat in the last election also, saw a dip in its vote percentage.

AAP’s victory came in the backdrop of a campaign marked by shrillness and dashed BJP’s hopes to form government in the capital. The victory, which has raised political stature of Kejriwal, saw BJP raking up Citizenship Amendment Act and the protest at Shaheen Bagh against the legislation which has been continuing for the past over 50 days.

“The Delhi election gives a sense of optimism to scores of people in India who are concerned about the growing threat BJP poses to India’s democracy and its venerable constitution,” said Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, President of IOC, USA.

The victory also shows that when there is a clear alternative to BJP, India’s voter may choose wisely, and the people have ultimately determined development over communal politics based on hyper-nationalism. Although Modi gained power in 2014 promising development, the party has lately sunk more into playing divisive politics, pitting one religion against the other to retain control. Delhi elections also witnessed some of the most vitriolic and divisive statements coming from prominent BJP leaders who banked on Hindu consolidation as a path towards victory.

 ‘IOC, USA, would like to see more accountability from those who are engaged in vituperative politics that are harming India’s pluralism and its secular fabric’, the statement added.

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