This year has been a hotpot of entertainment is all aspects. Cricket has not been an exception. Both international and national cricket headlines were sparkling with new updates every now and then. It was supposed to be this way as well, because 2019 was going to host the pinnacle of cricketing excitement, the ICC Cricket World Cup. But not just that, there has been so much joy regarding India’s historic victory in the test series in Sydney Cricket Ground as well, so much excitement regarding India’s “Dada” Sourav Ganguly been sworn in as the president of BCCI, and a lot more achievements. It is safe to say, cricket fans enjoyed 2019 the most.


Well, this World Cup has been the most popular cricket league throughout this year, and the lessons it has taught all of us are unforgettable. This world cup finale was the pinnacle of apprehension, tension and excitement that a cricketing world can ever have. Can you expect a world cup finale ending in as a tie, that too in a super over?

That is what happened in this world cup, where England was declared champions based on boundary count rule. Needless to say, this was not well received by the fans. This led ICC to abandon the rule, given its unfair nature and how this diminished the spirit of the game. However, even after being the epicenter of all this, Kane Williamson presented with utmost generosity and grace when he was approached for the post-match press conference. He congratulated England for their win, despite his team being so close to that themselves. He proved throughout the matches as to how mighty he is as a player, and how beautifully he maintains his captaincy. His sportsmanship gained huge respect from people all over the world, and he received a standing ovation from everyone in the press conference.


For years, cricketing fans were heartbroken to see the enormous amount of corruption and bureaucracy attached to their favorite game. Such systemic dysfunction made cricket an ugly gamble for a lot of people. Some say that this happened because the man representing BCCI, that is the president, did not understand what it is like being on the ground. This year when India’s favorite cricketer, Sourav Ganguly was made the BCCI president after a lot of apprehension dilemma and conquest, fans’ excitement rose, by a million notches. Everyone congratulated Dada, and welcomed with open arms, expecting him to cleanse the systemic problems which the Indian cricketing forum has been stuck with for a very long time.


India played in eight test series this year and won seven of them. This massive success has been applauded by people residing both at home and abroad. Four of them were conceived by an innings, whereas other three by 318,257,203 runs. The historic win of India in the Sydney Cricket Ground, after a wait of 71 years, in their 12th attempt was a remarkable benchmark set by India. Following this terrific display of cricketing acumen, India has been ranked first in the list of ICC Test Championship, separating it from the second placed Australia by a huge run gap of 144. This year was utterly rewarding to the Indian team.


Well, India’s cricketing team had faced a major setback after India’s most promising batsman Shikhar Dhawan got a thumb injury after his outstanding performance in the league matches, where he defeated Australia. However, that didn’t stop India from performing with valor. KL Rahul was promoted to the top order. This right hander didn’t disappoint anyone. He churned out centuries in partnership with Rohit Sharma, in more than 3 matches. His performance was exceptional even in matches closer to home, which includes the stupendous 237 run stand in the second game in Visakhapatnam. Indian top order truly amazes its fans and startles cricket bases all around the world.


Well, as it has been already established this year’s world cup was the zenith of emotions that can be possibly attached to this game. The Indian cricket team braved their way through the world cup, by winning seven out of eight league level matches (one less because one of them was declared a 1-1 for both teams due to its cancellation due to weather conditions) and landed itself in the semifinals. However, in the semi-finals, the dynamic bowling pair of Matt Henry and Trent Boult made India really worry about winning the match. The partnership of Jadeja and Dhoni in the latter half of the game, after the shameful 24-4 situation in a run chase of 240, felt like a growing hope in adversity, however, the run out of Dhoni in the penultimate over shattered everyone. So, the quest continues.

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