1000 Songs in 1000 Days: Swapna Abraham Setting New World Record

1000 Songs in 1000 Days: Swapna Abraham Setting New World Record

A young Indian girl has created history by the first ever to write the lyrics for 1,000 songs, composing music for them, singing them and publishing a new video of 1,000 melodies songs in a record  1,000 consecutive days. Making a new world record, Swapna Abraham from Kottayam, India has shown her talents, skills, creativity, endurance, and dedication through this new collection of songs. Swapna has become the first individual in the world to create and publish a video of 1,000 songs in as many days, fulfilling her dreams to reality on the dawn of the new year 2020.

The Dubai-based singer and songwriter Swapna Abraham, became equally passionate about creating a world record, having read the Guinness Book voraciously throughout her youth. Lately, she prayerfully became a competitive marathoner to set a new world record: writing and singing 1000 songs in 1000 days.

1000 Songs in 1000 Days: Swapna Abraham Setting New World RecordSwapna has released one new song every day since April 8, 2017, and is on track to reach her 1,000 songs goal on January 2, 2020; her  experience, of course has been exhausting and fulfilling. Her album “1000 Songs In 1000 Days” will qualify to be considered as the record for “most songs on a digital album” with the Guinness Book of World Records. Her final composition will coincide with the launch of Dubai’s EXPO 2020, a timing Swapna Abraham chose to make the record special for Dubai.

While I watched Swapna Abraham from Kottayam singing to record a few English devotional songs for the Album ‘Believe’ by Adonai Musics during 1992 in the cubicles of Pyramid Studio, Kottayam, I was amazed at her brilliant performance with her intense emotion and the depth of her singing.  When jokingly commented that she sings like Amy Grant, she told she would like to be like Amy one day if God blesses her.

Swapna has shown her talents all along her school days, attending a boarding school for 12 years. She wrote poems, danced and sang at several school events from the very young age She was always the ‘Best All Rounder’ in the school. Later on, Swapna attended School in Music from Trinity College of Music, London.

During the subsequent years, I was fortunate to watch with amazement her various stage performances. I was part of Swapna releasing her music albums in  cassettes and in digital discs. Swapna had used her talents in music to share her devotion and love for God, and was a regular singer along with her ex-husband Abey Abraham,  performing devotional musical extravaganzas in several countries including USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand,  Indonesia, Philippines, and Kenya , in addition to  performing in numerous cities in India.

Her music has also travelled all the way from Dubai to the Kensington Palace in London and the singer is overjoyed on hearing back from the royal couple. “The exhaustion is something I cannot even start to describe. Having said that, this has been a very fulfilling experience, musically and personally, I certainly feel at a zenith of sorts,” said Swapna Abraham recently.

During her saga of composing and singing, she received many prominent awards.  In 2012, Swapna was awarded with the Maestro Award – LAMP-ICONGO Karmaveer Chakra for gospel music.

On May 27, 2019, Swapna she was accorded the 31st Global Women’s Empowerment Summit 2019 Award, and was asked to write a song over the Iftar surrounded by beautiful women just before receiving the award.

She celebrated her half way marathon on Aug 18, 2018 . With VIP Witness on Day 500, Mr. Yasser Al Gargawi, Director of Cultural Events, Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, Government of Dubai, now in the Ministry of Tolerance. The song for the day “This Blessed Land” was written based on his theme suggestion. Her interviews with so many from Asianet news, La Chelle Adkins to Steve Kuban are so incredible,  demonstrating her intense passion to accomplish her mission.

Our relationship with God is deeply personal; and God hears and answers your earnest prayers.  But sometimes we all need a little help recognizing what God is saying to us. Swapna Abraham is a living witness to the abundant blessing she is receiving, in spite of intricate challenges she faced later on in life. She has released 23 albums. After her MBA, she worked in executive levels in various organizations in India and abroad.

“God surely works everything for the good of those who love Him, in spite of our mistakes and wrong choices. My wish now remains just this – that I will see the fruit of my hard work as a singer-songwriter and that my children will do something very real about their dreams. I hope to still be of service to God for He has remained real, true, constant and faithful and I also believe that He desires that of me.” Says Swapna while graciously accomplishing her desire and mission, indeed. As per Swapna her bright days are yet to come!

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