Christmas is HOPE

Christmas is HOPE

In a world that is beset with hatred, violence, divisions, uncertainty and fear, HOPE

can sometimes be overshadowed by doubt, despair and a sense of defeat. The ongoing wars around the world between nations, religious, ethnic, and ideological groups, threats to human existence by terrorist groups and piling up of nuclear and biological weapons, as well as through the mindless destruction of the resources of the planet earth, have made us lose HOPE in ourselves and the world we live in. The future appears grim, as been found in a recent Pew Research, where majority of people from the developing nations are less hopeful of the future.

Living in a world that is self-centered, it’s important to imbibe in our children the values of generosity and kindness. When we as parents are willing to come forward and make efforts to touch the lives of the needy, our children are witnesses to this reality and want to follow in our footsteps. When we forget our roots and are comfortable taking care of our own families here and forget our neighbor, we are not challenging our children to go beyond their personal selves and touch the lives of others.

However, there is HOPE in the midst of all these challenges around us. Initiatives of small and large by individuals, groups and nations give us hope for a better world. Technological advances that help fight diseases, protect the earth, and keep the peoples around the world connected with one another instantly through the social media give rise to HOPE.

Great Thunberg, 16, who has become the youngest to be declared TIME Person of the Year, has become a leading face of a movement that has inspired millions of other children and adults in at least 100 countries to argue passionately for action against climate change. That gives us HOPE.

Eight-year-old Licypriya Kangujam, known as Indian ‘Greta’ for her passion towards the fight against climate change has urged global leaders to take immediate action to save the planet and the future of young children like her.

Speaking at the COP25 climate conference, the young activist from Manipur who has already spoken in 21 countries on climate change, gave the world a glimpse of her resolve as she urged global leaders to “act now against climate change”. The little girl has quickly shot to limelight hailing her as ‘Greta’ of the Global South.  Watching Kangujam speak with such wisdom is what giving us HOPE.

When President Donald J. Trump was impeached by the US House of Representatives on December 18, 2019 for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, that gives us HOP as we believe that one is above the law, not even the President of the most powerful country on earth.

Protests have erupted all across India following the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Law, known as CAB, in India. The Act that will provide Indian nationality to Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, Jains and Buddhists fleeing persecution in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh before December 31, 2014, excludes Muslims. Protesting against the high handedness of Modi’s Hindutva government, and raising the voice against tarnishing India’s image as a secular nation, gives us HOPE.

Aditi Shah is an inspiration for everyone. After losing her sight due to reginitis pigmentosa at the age of 15, Aditi earned two degrees in India before coming to Georgia Tech in the United States. Her life is an inspiration to all. Her life story of success in spite of grave odds, gives us HOPE.

For the first time ever 20 Indian American community organizations from New England Region came together and jointly hosted an event at the Northeastern University and they committed to work together to help the needy and make India great. That gives us HOPE.

My local Church sent me an email last week that they are coming to sing carols in my house next weekend. The money raised from singing carols will help build houses for two deserving families in India who lost their homes in the floods that had devastated the lives and homes of millions last year. That spirit of helping someone rebuilding one’s house, gives us HOPE.

More than ever, Christmas is the Season of Giving. Instilling HOPE in those who have lost everything. Little acts of kindness and small words of appreciation can instill HOPE in those who feel that they have lost everything in life. We can, and we are called to help revive HOPE in the present and the future for all by our little acts of kindness and by raising our voice for a just and humane world.  That’s my HOPE for this Solemn Christmas Season and for the New Year.

Wishing You And Your Families 

A Merry Christmas 


A Joy & Hope Filled New Year 2020

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