“Aging and Rejuvenation” at IMANE 2019 Women’s Forum

“Aging and Rejuvenation” at IMANE 2019 Women’s Forum
The underlying cause of aging remains one of the central mysteries of biology. Recent studies in several different systems suggest that not only may the rate of aging be modified by environmental and genetic factors, but also that the aging clock can be reversed, restoring characteristics of youthfulness to aged cells and tissues.
Responding to this most vital area of human development, Indian Medical Association of New England (IMANE) addressed its deliberations on “Aging and Rejuvenation” during its second 2019 women’s forum at Burlington Public Library on September 29th. Attended by dozens of physicians and their family members, the 2nd annual event by the Woemn’s Forum was a remarkable milestone for the Forum for its members.
Dr. Sonal Pandya, a renowned specialist in plastic & reconstructive surgery, led the discussions with her insightful presentation on Aging and Rejuvenation. Senior VP of Emergent Medical Technologies Angela Lacy shared great insights on Non-Invasive Radio Frequency Modalities for body contouring and skin tightening. We had very interactive dialogue within this forum from all member physicians and non-physicians as these topics are very close to many of us. Angela lacy brought in the machine for complimentary facial procedures. 

Overall both forums in 2019 have been a success with great participation from IMANE community members including our current President. The concluded this 2019 second forum with few complementary procedures for few of our participants thanks to Angela Lacy. 

In her welcome remarks, Dr. Sapna Aggarwal,  said, “I am very humbled & proud to be the Chair of the Women’s Forum committee for IMANE with my co-chair, Dr. Monie Malhotra . Overall a great event with excellent audience participation,” she added. With the support of Dr. Saraswathi Muppana, President-Elect Dr. Dhrumil Shah, Saras (President), Dhruv (President elect) and other all members as well as the Executive Committee members, we look forward to continuing this tradition in 2020 and expand our work to facilitate more forums on Health & Wellness.”
“It was a great start to Indian Medical Association of New England (IMANE) women’s forum with kick off topic from Dr. Sonal Pandya on all things related to Aging and Rejuvenation.” added,  Dr. Sapna Aggarwal, who also serves as a member of BOT, Nnational AAPI.

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